Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgia

Each Friday I wait for two unique prompts. One is the Trifextra prompt. It usually sets a limit of 33 words to convey your thoughts. I find this a good test, as it makes me value the limited words I use and make what I select count. It also allows for the reader to fill in the blanks to see what they choose. Many times the Trifextra does not have a photo tie-in. For that I can always depend on the other major challenge on the last day of my traditional work week, The Weekly Photo Challenge.

There is a nervous anticipation I get each week as I look for the post declaring the topic for the week. Thankfully I have developed quite a treasure trove of photographic stock to peruse when the topic becomes clear. Usually I can locate a photo to bring to the topic within minutes. Then it is simply a matter of creating the post. I appreciate all of you who check out my weekly responses to the challenge. I enjoy taking with each of you in the comments and reading your posts as well.

For this week the challenge is nostalgia. This is right down my alley since I love taking and keeping photos. I hear some people say to never take phtos of places as you will never care about them after you leave. Take only photos of people, since they change so much and are temporarily on this earth. Well, I disagree with the first statement. The world changes every day and nothing is ever the same, no matter how often you go back to it. Weather, time and just the nature of the world makes every moment unique.

My grandfather Joe Hoss, father, me and my son in 1995

My grandfather Joe Hoss, father, me and my son in 1995


My son at preschool.

The 2013 Prom picture that now is his Facebook profile.

The 2013 Prom picture that now is his Facebook profile.

My daughter at the hospital just after her birth

My daughter Meredith is on the right in both photos.
My daughter Meredith is on the right in both photos.


There is no better example of how fast time changes than having a child and watching them grow. My son is eighteen and my daughter is fifteen and it is amazing how much they change every week. Granted it is not as measurable as when they were infants, but the differences are more in the skills they exhibit in dealing with the things young adults. I have a lot of fun dealing with them and their friends when they collect at our house because they seem to be more outgoing and fun and willing to talk about anything going on.



Another piece of nostalgia I want to share is a photo from April of 1977. It is a photo of the town of Clinchport, Va, which was in the path of a horrible flood that year. My mom was born and raised in this small town ans my grandfather was the mayor when the flood ravaged the town. These days it is merely a small village as most of the structures present in 1977 are gone.


My dad and I the day my brother was born in 1967. My dad has been gone for 14 years and my brother for sixteen.

On Tuesday night I inserted the replacement bulb into my dad’s fifty some year old Bell and Howell projector and threaded some ancient 8 mm home movies in to view some nostalgic home movies. I saw myself as a little bit younger than the photo above. My plan is to set up the projector and use my video camera to capture the images before the film fails. Like all man made things, its lifetime is finite. But for me the memories will last as long as i can make them.

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  2. Saba-Thambi says:

    Four generation photo should be cherished !
    Thanks for sharing.

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