1 Million Steps to 2017 – Update #1

Thanks to those of you who have read the first post in this quarter-year long series which began with this post: 1 Million Steps to 2017. If you have not read that yet the gist is that I have set a goal for myself to measure off 1,000,000 steps between October 1st and December 31st. I am using the Fitbit HR I won at a work Winter party as a door prize and it is quite the motivational tool. I am a Quality Assurance guy and metrics are something I can sink my teeth into, so the Fitbit’s numbers give me qualitative as well as quantitative results.

So if you have taken the time to figure the math the pace needed to achieve this feat is 10, 869 steps each and every day. Sure you can “cheat” and do less one day and more the next, but if you are wise you try to load the cart from the beginning with extra for those days you may not feel like walking as much or you just do not have the time. You have to just make it a priority and get it done.

How  has it gone so far I want you to ask? I’m so glad you did! Eighteen days into this challenge my tally is at 227,070, which is just under a quarter of the way. Over eighteen days that is an average of  12,615 or 1,700 steps above the pace necessary. While I am still a long way from being there, I can tell the difference in the way I feel, think and look forward to my time outside.


The Fitbit encourages you to achieve a minimum of 10,000 steps each day which they equate to 5 miles. Another 900 steps is not that much more and reaching the goal by year end will be a great accomplishment toward keeping fit. I hope more of you will join me in this, even if you have a late start.

If you have been considering buying an activity tracker like the Fitbit line but need more information about what they will do for you I invite you to read this post I authored back in May: Why Buy a Fitbit?

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1 Million Steps to 2017

It is the time of the year when countdowns are the rage. The countdown to Halloween, when the spooks and candy collectors reign is only 24 days. Perhaps you like thanksgiving the time to feast, watch football and count your many blessings. For that you must wait 48 days. All the United States retailers have circled November 25th, which is Black Friday  and 49 days from today. Then the granddaddy of them all is the countdown to Christmas, which is now only 79 days away. Finally there is 92 days between October 1st and Deecember 31st.

But I want to introduce a new and different type of countdown. This one is related to my Fitbit that I have had since the first of February. I decided to motivate myself to get back to what I started in the spring with a new personal challenge. I want to log 1 million steps between October 1st and December 31st. That sounds like a monumental goal, but in fact it really is not.

Fitbit and other activity trackers are consistent in  providing you a target for fitness of at least 10,000 steps each day. While 10,000 steps can seem to be a tough goal you have to think about the quantity of steps you can collect just doing your daily activities. True you must increase some of your moving to get this, but the benefit is well worth it.

If you do the math 1,000,000 steps divided by 92 days from October 1st to January 1st of 2017 equates to 10,869 steps on average every day to reach the goal. This is day 7 of 92, but all I have counted so far is up through 6 days of my personal challenge. So far I have knocked out 53,216 steps of the 1 million, or an average of 10,643, just slightly below the pace I need. I have made more of a conscious effort to get up and get moving as I try to achieve this goal.


To achieve this I will need others to help keep me accountable and ask about my progress. I invite anyone who reads this to do just that, to ask about how it is going and to join me if you have a fitness tracker of your own. We can work on getting fit together.

I will be posting frequently to update the progress, so keep checking back to see how this adventure progresses.



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Come See My Hometown – Barter Theater – Abingdon, VA

In 1939 a fellow named Robert Porterfield decided to re-frame the arts scene in the small town of Abingdon, VA, located half way between Roanoke, Virginia and Knoxville, TN forever. His idea was to establish a playhouse where local folks could take in some of the great playwrights of the world. When he started this the area around my hometown was still trying to recover from the great depression and on the cusp of World War II, so economic times were difficult. His brainchild was a place where potential theater-goers could barter for their admission, with vegetables, fruits and livestock


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Thunderhead and Stormy Skies – Skywatch Friday 10 June 2016

For Skywatch Friday. If you have never looked you should!



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Why I Don’t Write About Harambe, Cecil or Trump and Other SEO Lessons

My Facebook is littered with memes about the Gorilla that was recently killed at the Cincinnati, Ohio zoo because a young child managed to find his way into the animal enclosure. While this is indeed a scary example of why having wild animals in such close proximity to humans is risky, people are up in arms on both sides of the issue.

In my opinion there is fault on both sides. Number one why were the parents not in more control of their son? My wife and I have raised two children and taken groups of children to the zoo before and have never had a problem. Number two, how in the world did a four year old defeat the zoo “security” fences. If a four year old can master this feat  imagine what a field trip of Kindergartners might mean.

But I digress from the subject of my post. I am not breaking my own rule about choosing not to write about this type of event, I just had to get that five minute commentary out of my head so I can keep the other good stuff cooking. So why do I not join the masses in stuffing my pages with stories about Harambe, Cecil and Donald Trump? SEO, that is why.

What is SEO? Oh my word, if you are a blogger, even a semi-serious one you have to know about SEO. IT is short for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization means that when you title your post you find the sweet spot as far as the way you attract people searching for your topic. One of the biggest keys to getting your previously posted work relevant is to write about topics that do not have a limited shelf life.

Think of the phrase “fifteen minutes of fame”. Sure Harambe and the Cincinnati Zoo are all the rage today, but who remembers when Cecil the Lion was shot by the dentist? It was a huge deal for a wek or maybe two, but now? Eh, we are a fickle lot. It doesn’t;t take much to wrench our attention away to something else.

You think Donald Trump has staying power? Only if he manages to win the 2016 election. Otherwise he will join Mitt Romney as a jeopardy politics trivia question answer. The same goes for Hillary Clinton. One of them will become irrelevant on November 9. Sure, plenty of words will be written between now and then about them, but I plan to keep collecting eye balls for my writing for years to come.

Okay I see you nodding your head and crossing your heart that you don’t care about how many visitors see your blog posts. You are fooling no one by claiming such. Anyone who writes does so with the desire to have their work read, enjoyed and followed. It is why Blogger, WordPress and other sites spend so much time quantifying your numbers for you.

The key to success is writing about “evergreen” topics. What is an evergreen topic, you ask? It is something people will search for on Google and every other search platform across the internet. My flagship evergreen post is one called Growing Wave Petunias. I posted it on May 19,2013. Since then it has collected 1,271 views. How do I know that? WordPress gives you this number in the data with the post.


Granted the interest in this post is heavily centered on the March to June timeframe, but I don’t know many people who will scoff at 12-20 visits for a post every day of the week. I also have two other posts that seem to have staying power, called The Best Annuals for Hanging Baskets, Part 1 and Part 2. While they aren’t gangbusters, it has taught me about how to title my posts.

Google, the authority of all things internet has SEO tools to help bloggers succeed in this never ending chase for viewers. One of my favorites is the Adwords site. If you want to see what people are searching for you can go to the site and type in your keywords and get the combinations most searched.


In my example I searched for homemade Christmas ornaments. It is no surprise the most interest for this topic is in October, November and December. You will also notice that the phrase Christmas ornaments gets a high amount of traffic. If you title your post with Christmas ornaments somewhere in it you are likely to see traffic.

Using another tool by Google I can prove the validity of Trump’s short shelf life unless he can mange to capture the keys to the Oval office. This chart shows the amount of interest in Trump from 2004 through today, June 3, 2016.


Here is the same analysis about The Force Awakens, the long awaited seventh chapter of George Lucas’ space odyssey.


I want my writing to stay relevant for longer than either of these two subjects. Unless I was to feature it on a subject specific blog, such as a movie review or television show review where it would be part of a larger collection and thus become more of a repository the idea is to make it open-ended in its appeal.

So I guess what I am saying is take Harambe, Cecil, Trump and all the others that fill up the 24 hour news cycle while I dig deeper for my evergreens!





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Numbers – WPC – 3 June 2016

Seeing everyone’s choice of response for the Weekly Photo Challenge is an exciting part of ending each week. This week we trade letters for numbers. My approach will be unorthodox I am sure, but numbers are unorthodox for us writers anyway!


In January I finally decided to change one of the longest running numbers in my life, namely the amount of years I had delayed beginning a hobby I had wanted to enjoy for almost three decades, model railroading. I took the leap in a big way, buying track, rolling stock and an engine. What I did not immediately appreciate was the number on my engine, which I call Mary Kate, for a reason you might guess.


Of course you can see the 245 underneath the window of the cab. Each engine you see on your local rails will have a unique number so it can be identified by the railroad company. The interesting thing is that every replica engine and car manufactured for the hobby has a unique number too.

Here is some train cars I bought from eBay that are part of the Southern Railway delineation and each has a unique five digit identifying number. All five of mine are part of the 74000 series, which may not always happen if you buy the cars piece by piece. I am not a purist at this point in my brief journey so that is not as big a requirement as it might be to some others in the hobby.


These seven cars were purchased at the first train show I attended over in Asheville, North Carolina in March of 2016. Tomorrow I will get to attend my second, in Johnson City, Tennessee at my alma mater and school my son will get a degree from in May and hopefully my daughter will in May of 2016, ETSU. Here is another number for you, the Mountain Empire Model Railroaders will boast 64,000 square feet of model railroad gear, layouts and a steam engine display.


If you want to know more about my train adventures please visit my train oriented blog, Alpine & Clinchport Railroad.

I will be looking for your numbers now that I have mine ready for your perusal.


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Come See My Hometown – Plumb Alley Day – Abingdon, VA

IMG_20160429_171643855_HDRWithin the hills and mountains of Southwest Virginia, not West Virginia, now, but the west end of the Commonwealth of Virginia, there is a small town named Abingdon. Each Memorial Day weekend on Saturday about 20,000 people swell the town’s population to enjoy a one day festival called Plumb Alley Day. Plumb Alley is a narrow lane that stretches most of the way through Abingdon “Plumb from one end to the other.”

Along this stretch of paved path you will find all manner of folks enjoying the beginning of the summer season. From yard sales to bake sales, kettle corn, Revolutionary War re-enactors and more the citizens come out to share the day. It is one of the highlights of my year, especially in a way of kicking off summer. Over the years I have taken part in multiple ways, including setting up a vendor location to sell greenhouse plants.

For 2016 I will be leading an effort from our church to provide a large scale outreach to our community. Plumb Alley Day is a great vehicle for trying such an outreach due to the nature of the event. You have folks from all walks of life and reaches of our region that attend.

Our location will be mixed among many others with varying purposes, all there due to the perfect mix of people wanting to share what they have and those wanting to receive what is offered.

What follows is photos I have made of my 2016 Plumb Alley experience.

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Spare – Weekly Photo Challenge 27 May 2016

This week the Weekly Photo Challenge theme is Spare.

There is three definitions of spare to choose from for this challenge. I chose the first, an adjective form : Additional to what is required for ordinary use.



In the past I have been known to plant a big garden. It is one of the thing I love the most about summer. Sometimes I plant too much and cannot enjoy it all. I usually plant watermelons, which I did, but I hardly ever plant another member of the melon family, the Cantaloupe. It is not that I do not enjoy the Cantaloupes, I certainly do, but they just don’t do well for me. As it happens I got a tray of plants from my daughter’s boyfriend and decided to plant only the largest plants. After doing this I am left with a few to spare and replant if the others falter.


My other spare is an extra couple of Blackberry Lily plants that have found their way outside the bounds of one of our flower beds. So far I have been careful not to catch them with my trimmer when I am cutting the weeds, but I hope to transplant when they grow a little bigger.

What is your ideas for spare? I will be looking!

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Walking at Sunrise

I have been waking early lately and grabbing sunrise pictures to share for Skywatch Friday.


Then this past Saturday, when we had a huge graduation party planned we were watching the sky very intently and had to sit through multiple rains showers.

Created for SkyWatch Friday Meme.




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Jubilant – Weekly Photo Challenge -20 May 2016


My daughter and her lifelong best friend were so jubilant about finally celebrating the end of their high school careers.


The Weekly Photo Challenge gives me the excuse to share the photos I collect incessantly about every experience in my life. Yes, that is a confession, I take a lot of photos!


This week the theme in my world has been centered on graduation. My youngest child, a daughter, completed her high school odyssey and celebrated jubilantly with 96 other classmates at a rain free ceremony on Thursday night.

On Friday night the fourth of our church’s graduating quartet was no so lucky weather-wise as her ceremony was rain-shortened. But, she was no less jubilant about collecting her proof of completion. Little did we know the rainforest theme would carry over into the 4 kid graduation party on Saturday.


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Graduation Day 2016

In each of our lives there are days we point to for a long period of time, events we refer to as milestones, or time checks where we mentally and physically transition from one setting or perceived state to another. Today marks such a milestone in the lives of ninety-seven seniors at Patrick Henry High School in Emory, Virginia. Approximately thirty-three years ago I accepted my diploma from this school and began my own transition from being considered a kid to adulthood. Tonight my daughter will get her chance to savor the spotlight as she goes through her own high school graduation ceremony.

Three years ago I put together a similar post to this to commemorate My son’s graduation day. I enjoyed that retrospective so much I decided when this day came I would also post something for my daughter. Taking a few moments to reflect on their high school career gives you another opportunity to see how their lives were enriched by all they experienced. High school can be a trying time for a teen, but my daughter, Meredith, seemed to thrive. Perhaps it was due to not only her personality, but her willingness to plunge into every activity she could.


Throughout all four years of her time at PH Meredith was part of the Rebel Regiment, the high school band. In fact, she got to be a part of the unit early as part of the select few eighth graders to join a year early, just as her brother had. She got the chance to get out of the stands, where she had been for three years watching her brother to out on the field with him for his last two years of high school.


Band 10-27-12 017

This is the last football game of 2012, Meredith’s Freshman year and Isaac’s Senior year. She is the trumpet player in the middle.

During Meredith’s high school career with the Rebel Regiment she got to travel all over Southwest Virginia playing at football games on Friday nights in the fall and performing in band competitions most Saturdays each October. Beyong that, though, she also got the chance to travel to the Bahamas and Chicago, IL on band trips.


Meredith pulled double duty her last two years, putting in time as a cheerleader for football and basketball. This meant trading the hot band uniform in September for a much cooler cheer outfit. I think she wished when it all ended she had tried football cheering sooner in her career. Meredith also enjoyed singing with the high school and middle school choirs, which allowed her the opportunity to take part in the first high school musical at her school in thirty years.


Cheering in front of the band, Meredith is in the center of the front line.

In November of 2014 Meredith decided she wanted to take part in the Miss Patrick henry pageant. If there is anything I know without a doubt about my daughter, it is that she does not crave the spotlight. If earned she enjoys it, but she does not go looking for opportunities to stick out. In my mind her reasoning for being in this beauty pageant was more practical. She wanted to give her prom dress one more night out of storage. When her name was called as the winner she was genuinely thrilled.


During her high school career, and really for most of her life Meredith has had the joy of sharing every experience with her best friend, Alyssa. The girls have been inseparable since Alyssa’s family began to attend the same church as ours. Since then we have shared so many life experiences together we are much like an extended family. The funny thing is that Meredith actually got to hand off her Miss Patrick Henry crown to Alyssa this year.




As a matter of fact, the girls have decided to attend the same college, East Tennessee State University so they can room together and continue to share their experiences. So many times the friendships you counted so rich in high school tend to fade as you part ways following the graduation ceremony, but this one seems destined to defy that axiom. Girls tend to develop stronger relationships so I think these two can count on enjoying each other’s achievements for a long time.


Many of our friends have children younger than Meredith and they ask at particular events as we approach the close of Meredith’s high school career and thus the end of our eight year relationship with Patrick henry if we will miss it all. When our son graduated I did feel a sort of sadness. We have always tried to attend every event the kids are involved in. Somehow I knew that when Isaac left PH things would never be the same. But with Meredith I feel we have completed our arc at the high school level. She has taken part in so many activities and given us great memories to add to the ones her brother created.

grad hat.JPG

Art is one of Meredith’s interests and she has spent some time thinking about the decorations she wanted to have on her graduation cap. Reflecting the Christian faith that has developed by leaps and bounds during her high school career she chose you use Proverbs 31:25 to declare her faith to those that attend her graduation.


Perhaps the highlight of Meredith’s senior year was the mission trip she and I made to Belize. I had made two previous trips and she expressed interest in accompanying me on the next one. While this is not directly connected to her high school career, it does directly connect to the idea I expressed at the beginning about transitioning in your life from one state to another. I saw my daughter transition from a young girl to a young adult as she witnessed to mothers about the love of Jesus Christ. It takes more than just another day on the calendar to become an adult, but I feel Meredith is well on her way.


Meredith and Chloe, a girl she met in Belize,  at Xunantanich, a Mayan ruin within sight of the border with Guatemala.



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South – Daily Post – 17 May 2016

I don’t always answer the Daily Post prompts, many times because their just isn’t enough hours in the day. But when I saw this one I could not turn away. The one word prompt is South, and I have something I want to write about.

Daily Prompt

I was in elementary school when I purchased two books at the school book fair, one was a book about the Revolutionary War and the other about the War Between the States, America’s Civil War. I know, boys and their obsession with war, but I was young and this kind of thing fascinated me. I also had an interest in World War II for a time, but the conflict of the early 1860s was something that held my attention for quite some time and even today still draws my interest on occasion.

To be sure, this period of bloodshed and struggle was something that the United States will never forget. My home state of Virginia saw more than its share of major battles during the four years of war. The state is well below the Mason Dixon Line, which is commonly considered the break point between North and South, at least in the 1860s, so we consider ourselves Southerners.

I will not engage in any talk of how the North was wrong for this or that, there was enough blame to go around. Civilized people resolve their issues without blood running across the ground, but there was so much disagreement about everything including slavery, states rights and more that an inevitable show of barbarism was going to happen.

Today the vestiges of the Civil War remain in some Southern locales, although the political correctness movement is trying so hard to snuff them out. What will we do slowly try to erase every wrong? Does that make it untrue? We are what we are because of the good and the bad history. The South lost the war due to their inability to match up with the North in almost every area of importance, such as industrial capacity, troop numbers and military organization. But the united States of America came out stronger and more respected and in some cases feared.


The South will always be different than other regions of the country as it should be. If you have never made a trip to the bottom half of my country you are missing a real treat. So far I have enjoyed visiting many southern states and find all to be charming in their own way. The ones I have not visited so far are: Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and more than just a truck stop in Alabama on my way to a mission trip in Florida.

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Survival – Daily Post – 5-12-16

The one word Daily Post prompt is Survival. Immediately when I read this I thought it would tie in so nicely with an idea I have been promoting as we approach the graduation of my daughter along with millions of others from high schools and colleges all over the united State and also the world. For some it is a joyous time full of fun and unbridled excitement. For still others however, it is just a matter of making it through.

Take the young woman who wasn’t quite as careful as she could have been and is now juggling a baby as she tried to nail down her diploma. Or the boy or girl that lost a parent and had to take on a job to help manage expenses at home. While the diploma is still a goal the ground to travel on the way just got a whole lot more rugged.

Still another example is the student who just doesn’t make it through every class with ease. We are all different and some strengths serve us well in particular classes, while in others we may feel totally inept. I remember feeling many times like I was the only one who didn’t get some of the concepts.

Surviving high school or college is a monumental achievement we should celebrate it as such! My son graduated three years ago and I celebrated with a blog highlighting his achievements called While a Tree Grows in Brooklyn, A Boy Graduates in Virgina. In seven days my daughter will put the finishing touches on her high school experience, so I will have to get busy on a similar tribute to her experience. She is the more social, so I expect her photos in the tribute to be filled with many of her friends.

What did you highlight in your survival post?


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Chaos – Daily Post – 9 May 2016

The Daily Post topic of the day for 9 May is Chaos.

When I saw this one word prompt I could immediately think of only one thing that easily fit into the definition: The 2016 Presidential Primary Season and the impending General Election Campaign. What else can you conceivably think this could be beyond uncontrolled chaos. I know, controlled chaos is an oxymoron, but this whole election cycle promises to be the biggest disaster in modern political history.


Even though Senator Bernie Sanders remains in the democratic primary fight, I think no one considers any other likelihood than a Clinton-Trump prizefight to be the forty-fifth president of the country I call home. Let me be perfectly clear, I support a democratic method of selecting our chief executive, but the 2016 version of the process is becoming more and more embarrassing.

When I was in the midst of completing my undergraduate degree I had a college level government class and learned about the way the Prime Minister is chosen in Great Britain. I found that process to be much less desirable than ours and was happy to know we had what I considered to be a better process. Over time I have come to detest the Electoral College and its process, but the primary process is usually not so dramatic or divisive.

I have a friend at work that is not originally from the United States and he mentioned the race to me the other day when we were in the exercise room. I shook my head and told him I was embarrassed for my country that we were acting in such a manner. In all truth the president does not have as much power as we want to believe. He works in concert with Congress on many initiatives, but our American economy is so large that any action they approve takes months or even years to fully see fruit.

All the political candidates, From Clinton to Trump to Sanders and Cruz, worked overtime to try to convince you that on day one of their presidency all would be different. Well, it won’t!  In the first 100 days the energy will be there and some flash, but the real work just takes time. So do not expect the chaos to end after November 8th!



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Earth – Weekly Photo Challenge – 5-6-16

The Weekly Photo Challenge for the week ending 5-6-16 is Earth.

I love photo challenges! Basically it gives me a chance to plunge into my vast library of photos and relive moments I felt were worthy of remembering. Our instructions, as always are simple and open to our own personal interpretation. Here is what we have as a starting point: Share your vision of our magnificent Earth through your lens.

First of all I want to share three photos taken in Western North Carolina in the fall of 2015. The first shows my wife and I on a part of Grandfather Mountain, which is a local attraction near Boone, North Carolina. Grandfather Mountain is right at 5,280 feet above sea level and boasts a swinging bridge a mile high! The other two phtos were made during an anniversary trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. The bottom left photo is from Little Switzerland, a small resort-type location we stayed in for a night. On the right is Crabtree Falls, one of the many waterfalls along the Blue Ridge Parkway. An interesting tidbit is that the majesty of Crabtree was aided by the torrential rains that soaked North and South Carolina when Hurricane  Joaquin set up camp off the Southeastern United States for days, pumping record-breaking rainfall into the Carolinas.

The next set of three photos are from tropical locations. The Bahamas first of all, from my children’s 2013 high school band trip, a pier at Hopkins Beach, Belize from a 2013 Mission Trip and The Caribbean Ocean, also from the 2013 Bahamas band trip. There is so much beauty on earth and we are cheating ourselves if we don’t try to enjoy as much as possible!

The final three photos are of my personal favorite place on earth, where I live. I have enjoyed tilling the earth and planting and harvesting for nearly half my life. Gardening is not a chore to me, but a release and therapy from a job where I sit all day. The final picture is of a sunrise on one of the paths I use for morning walks. Nature’s beauty can make you breathless and is different every day.

A little more than three months ago I got a Fitbit and since then I make a special effort to get up, get out and enjoy the Earth as much as possible. You can read more about my Fitbit experience if interested here: Why Buy a Fitbit? It Can Change Your Life! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will let me know which photos you like!




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