Missions I Support

There are some mission opportunities that have caught my attention over the last few years. Some of these came from the recently completed Belize mission trip, but others come from visits to my church by the missionaries to explain their work or from interaction at Christian concerts. I hope you will follow the links here to learn more about these fine opportunities to show Christ’s love to others.

Belize 2010 Dec 10-11 064

Heart House Ministries (Belize) – This is a tutor center in Maya Mopan, which is a village near Belmopan, Belize. Local school children come here for homework help, as well as for opportunities to read, color, play games and engage in crafts. This program started small, but now serves up to 195 children. Expansion is underway, with a large library slated for completion in 2013. Needs include books for children from 4-18, such as chapter books for the older set, puzzles, pencils or basically any other school supply. If you are interested you can e-mail me for more information.

Kingsway Ministries (Belize) – This is a ministry begun from Kingsway Baptist Church in Bristol, Va for the purpose of supporting a husband and wife team from there that answered God’s call to be full time missionaries in Belize. Terry and Samantha have a profound love for their neighbors around Roaring Creek and also manage the Enter Change Workshop, which teaches young men woodworking skills in an effort to develop them into strong men of God.


Ana’s Feeding Project (Belize) – The first thing you understand when you get to Belize is that the focus on a name is not as important as in the United States. There is no fancy website or Twitter handle to identify the feeding program run by Ana and Alfredo. They simply provide a hot lunch every school day for the 40 or so children that use their hour lunch break from school to travel to and from their home. They do not have a wealthy benefactor in human form, relying solely on God’s providence for their needs. You can be a partner and I can put you in contact with someone if you want to e-mail me.

Tutor2Tutor Center at  (Belize) – This tutor center is smaller, but offers the same services as the Heart house. As you can imagine the needs are ongoing as well.

034040Hopewell International at Flowers Bank (Belize) – This is a children’s home operated by Shannon and Christina Bullock. They have thirteen children with them as of December 2012. I found these children very delightful and so respectful, grabbing my hand to introduce themselves as soon as we came in the door. There is such an order and routine, as their has to be in such an arrangement. The children are all growing fast as children do and the needs are ongoing.


Youth With a Mission (Belize) – This is a mission program based in Pittsburgh, PA. The young men we met are a five person team and use basketball as a common thread to minister to the youth of Belize and other countries. They meet with young men and women at the numerous basketball courts sprinkled around Belmopan, sharing Christ and the game they love. YWAM


Food for the Hungry (International) – Child Sponsorship Ministry – We connected with this organization at a Christian concert featuring Jason Gray and Building 429 a couple of Christmases ago. It seems to be a great opportunity to impact the life of a child through a monthly gift of $30. You also receive cards to send to your sponsored child around back to school and holiday times of each year. Their address is: 124 E. Washington St. Phoenix, AZ 85034. www. fh.org.

2 Responses to Missions I Support

  1. Hi Joe,

    I love seeing all the wonderful good works of love and hope that
    you are supporting. You are inspiring me to create a similar
    sharing site on my KWD blog.

    Blessings and rite on,

  2. seablackwithink says:

    This is wonderful.
    A gift of a blog.
    Our spiritual views differ but we are of the same mind and heart.:)

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