You Choose The Back Cover

I need and want your help. Every writer wants their work to be interesting and something others desire to read. Guess what? I do too. I want to put together the type of pitch when a potential reader sees it they want to buy my book. But, for now anyway, my book is not ready to sell.

About a year ago I got caught up in the excitement of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. In case you have no idea what this is Amazon offers a $50,000 contract to the winner of a competition to get your fiction book selected for publication. You go up against up to 10,000 other potential titles.

One of the parts of this competition is making your pitch. Last year I spent a whole lot of time writing my novel, but not very much honing the pitch. So this year I am taking the time to refine the words that I hope will make my book stand out.

This is where you, faithful reader come in. I have put together three pitches highlighting the major parts of my book. I will present them below and ask you to choose which one you think sounds the most enticing. If the ABNA schedule falls similar to last year that means roughly 21 days to collect opinions.

If you read please make a selection so I can gather some constructive feedback on which pitch sounds the most appealing. As an author you invest so much time and become intimate with your characters and cannot fathom why in the world others don’t love them and your plot as much as you. Well, I know there are thousands of alternatives on bookshelves and websites everywhere you turn and I want you to help me out.

In a couple of days I will make this post a static page on my blog so more people will get a chance to see it. I really want you to take time to read and consider each pitch. Then cast your vote and come back in three weeks to see which pitch makes the cut.


“Jon Tyler, don’t touch anything!” Charley said in a tone that commanded his attention.

“Why?” J.T. asked.

“Because this may be a crime scene!” Charley told him.

The last thing Charley expected to happen when she went to visit her uncle at McGregor Lake was to help crack one of the biggest unsolved murders in North Carolina’s history. Charley is a very outdoors kind of girl, while taking a bike ride with a newfound flame, she and J.T. come across something that will change the history of their vacation spot forever.

The DeMarco family comes to Secret Rock every year just like thousands of other tourists to deposit their secrets. The DeMarcos hold the biggest secret of all. What will happen when this secret comes to light?

J.T. is running from a string of bad relationships. From the first time he sees Charley he is taken. The blonde hair, the sexy, athletic body and easy smile captivate his heart. What will these two find together and what will it mean for their future?


 “Jon Tyler, don’t touch anything!” Charley said in a tone that commanded his attention.

“Why?” J.T. asked.

“Because this may be a crime scene!” Charley told him.

J.T. Carpenter has a history of bad relationships. Out riding his bicycle one morning during his family’s annual lake vacation, he meets a girl like none he has ever known before. She has a confidence he finds very appealing and sexy. Charlie is a little too confident for her own good. But she does find something interesting in the eldest DeMarco grandchild.

The DeMarco family loves their traditions and visiting Secret Rock is their favorite. This is a place where you can write your secret out and tie to a rock before dropping it in a whole forever. But this year something totally unexpected is found inside the cave below Secret Rock after a severe storm.

Charlie and J.T. are pulled into an unexpected whirlwind of activity as the investigation into the mystery begins. How will this affect their chances for a relationship?


  “Jon Tyler, don’t touch anything!” Charley said in a tone that commanded his attention.

“Why?” J.T. asked.

“Because this may be a crime scene!” Charley told him.

The DeMarco family loves their two week sojourn at the family lake house. Filled with time honored traditions everyone loves, this is a tight knit family. But this year there are secrets threatening to shatter their happy union.

Charley Ritter is a confident, beautiful, sexy girl that is on a trip to visit her favorite uncle when she meets the eldest DeMarco grandson J.T. Carpenter. Together they become inseparable as they enjoy the usual family traditions.

After a visit to Secret Rock, where tourists can drop their secrets as a way to unburden themselves, a freak storm opens a cave underneath where Charley and J.T. go for adventure. What they find in the cave could forever change their lives as well of that of J.T.’s family. 



5 Responses to You Choose The Back Cover

  1. Tannille says:

    I learnt to do pitches at university for film and television several years ago. Consider cutting the dialogue at the beginning or research if it’s an accepted technique. Option 3 I felt was the strongest read because the dual protagonist have equal exposure. Instead of the dialogue, you could leave the pitch with a punch by mentioning the crime. Very intriguing regardless.

    Haha I didn’t realise this was an old post sorry. How did you do?

    • Joe Owens says:

      Actually I pulled the idea forward, reframing it with an F.B.I. team and sent it through National Novel Writing Month two Novembers past to the tune of 70,000 plus words. Since then it has just kind of stewed, waiting for me to pick it up again. Thanks for the tip.

      • Tannille says:

        Keep working on it, the WIP sounds like a great read. It amuses me how novels seem to morph into something unexpected from the original concept.

      • Joe Owens says:

        One of the major reaosns for the metamorphisis is that I want to develop a franchise team of characters. The F.B.I. team is a veteran F.B.I. female character whose character was tainted by the 9-11 attack and a brilliant young male character who allows her to reboot her career.

  2. malanouette says:

    Joe, these are great book blurbs (back cover) Each one pulled me in. You have to pick your favorite

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