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Layered – Weekly Photo Challenge – 09/20/17

    It is the time of year in Virginia where the layers of color abound in the maple trees.   The ocean, mountains and glacier fragments in the Tracy Arm Fjord in Alaska taken September 6th, 2017.   The … Continue reading

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Waiting – Weekly Photo Challenge – 09/13/17

During our mission trips to Belize we usually enjoy a “free day” where we become tourists and take in the local sights. On this day we were riding the river ferry back and saw a bus load of others waiting … Continue reading

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Structure Weekly Photo Challenge – 08/30/17

A Hosta with really heavy dew which changed the look of its structure. I can call this structure part of a trail because I carefully made my way around it, but you may refer to it as a cliff! Weekly … Continue reading

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Favo Foto Friday – Blue Ridge Parkway – 10-9-15

Fav Foto Friday is a new invitational photo blog I have discovered. Basically you select your favorite photo from the week and share with the others who add photos or come for the fun. My wife and I took a … Continue reading

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Kill the Breathers – Friday Fictioneers – 27 Sept

Today I bring you a fantasy type of tale, but one I could easily imagine. I hope you enjoy. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and Rich Voza for the picture this time. Fiction (98 words) *********** “Interlopers, that’s what they … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge – The Golden Hour

Weekly Phot0 Challenge prompt for 12th of July – IN A NEW POST CREATED SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS CHALLENGE, SHARE A PICTURE TAKEN DURING THE GOLDEN HOUR.   Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour (Universal Studios) | skpfoto Weekly Photo Challenge: The … Continue reading

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A Chocolate Lab Summer (Part Two) – The Puppies Are Coming! The Puppies Are Coming!

One of the things we did before embarking on the adventure of having puppies was to consult some sources of information about this exciting adventure. One was a book on the subject at a discount bookstore in a local resort … Continue reading

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A Chocolate Lab Summer – Part One (Callie and Moe)

I suppose everyone has a list of things they wanted to once in their life. I am not talking about a “bucket list” just some different adventures you find appealing. I cannot say I ever had the experience of breeding … Continue reading

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Snowrolls Made by the Wind

You may find this hard to believe, but thirty five years ago we had a freak snowstorm combined with some wicked wind that was part of the worst winter we had experienced in a long, long time in the mountains … Continue reading

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A Butterfly Against Fading Fall Mum

My kids identified this fellow taking a break from flying on the mature blooms of a fall mum near our house.

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Best Annuals for Hanging Baskets

I love flowers. It is a love taught to me by my mother and other members of my family. The vibrant colors just act as some kind of natural stimulant to my brain. When my corporate job was eliminated in … Continue reading

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How Will Superstorm Sandy affect 2012 Presidential Election?

The 2012 Presidential Election has ebbed and flowed from a lead for President Obama to leads for Governor Romney. Individual events such as the debates made impacts that moved the needle one way or the other, but overall as of … Continue reading

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