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Music – Daily Post -5-2-2016

For today the Daily Post has offered this single word as our prompt: MUSIC Five little letters create a word that has such an impact in my life. From my earliest memory I can recall a desire to enjoy music. … Continue reading

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Come See My Hometown

I am proposing a new recurring blog event, called Come See My Hometown, where the participants will write a blog post highlighting some unique historical site, festival or event unique to your region. For instance, in five months Bristol Motor … Continue reading

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Weekly Writing Challenge – Lunch Posts

The Weekly Writing Challenge for the week of January 20, 2014 is about what we see during our lunch time moments. Over a ten year period in the 1950s and 1960s Frank O’Hara took notes about the lunch experiences he … Continue reading

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Weekly Writing Challenge – Gonzo Journalism

The Weekly Writing Challenge for the week of January 13, 2013 is about something called Gonzo Journalism.  Gonzo Journalism differs from typical reporting in that Gonzo journalists renounce claims of objectivity, often place themselves in the story as a first-person narrator, … Continue reading

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Weekly Writing Challenge – Moved By Music

The Weekly Writing Challenge for the week of November 4, 2013 was titled Moved By Music. I am a child of the 1980s and Eighties Music is something I still enjoy listening to today. When any of the songs from … Continue reading

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My Favorite Music Makers

When we first thought about having children, one of the things my wife and i prayed for them was the gift of musical talent. I have always loved music and became enamored with the music of the Eighties when I … Continue reading

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April A to Z Blogging Challenge – Day Five – Encourage and Edify

Day Five:Encourage and Edify Who has encouraged you in your life? Is it a teacher, a friend or perhaps your parents? Who encourages you know? Perhaps your spoouse does this or your children. Since I joined WordPress in October i … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

We cry for lots of reasons: sadness, pain, fear . . . and happiness. When was the last time you shed tears of joy? I am blessed to have two children who are part of the high school marching band … Continue reading

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2012 Belize Mission Trip – Live Mariachi Band

This band was part of the celebration at the Feeding Center for children to come enjoy a hot lunch during their school day. In the villages we visited the schools do not supply a lunch, but allow one hour for … Continue reading

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The Tablet PC Market Charges Ahead

Will tablet computers replace laptops as the preferred mobile computing platform? The iPad is a smash hit for Apple, with over 100 million units sold as of the first week of October 2012. It seems tablet computers, with their full … Continue reading

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