Detective Sophie Marcus

Shortly after I began blogging on Word Press I found a weekly group activity where a photo prompt fuels a one hundred word story. This group, known as the Friday Fictioneers welcomed me with open arms and great feedback. I love this weekly chance to craft a rich story with only 100 words. Yes, sometimes we go over, but no one keeps track. The vital part is writing the story.

Recently I have settled on a seminal character for my efforts. Detective Sophie Marcus is a forty something woman trying to solve murders. She is confident, smart and unwilling to allow justice to be denied to anyone who deserves to pay for their crime.

I will include any stories with Sophie on this page. I hope you will give me your opinion of the character development.

Friday Fictioneer Installments

Freedom Flower – 3/15/13

Equine Wisdom – 3/22/13

The Lie Exposed – 3/29/13

Finding Beauty in the Ugly – 4/6/13

What Would You Do – 4/12/13

The Hornet Chronicles – 4/19/13

Not the Usual Suspects -4/26/13

You Be Mine, I’ll Be Yours – 5/3/13

The Trifecta Serial

Episode 1 – Brand

Episode 2 – Turkey

Episode 3 – Charm

Episode 4 – Mask

So you took time to read what I wrote and I appreciate it, but comments are even better!

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