Sunday Stills: Your Favorite #Sport or #Hobby

Terri Webster Schrandt has tossed out a herculean size challenge, at least for me, this week. This week’s Sunday Stills photo challenge is all about showcasing our favorite sports and/or hobbies. The images of sports might show others participating or yourself engaged in one. The same is true for your hobbies. Please share any image depicting doing what you love and engaging in leisure!

I told her it would take some time to show all of mine, but now I am ready!

Hobby 1 – Gardening and growing flowers

It’s been twelve growing seasons since I had to shut down my greenhouse business. But I still love to grow flowers and have a new venture in development called Alpine Acres Flower Farm. If you want to know more you can look for the Facebook Page.


At AAFF this year I planted on the order of 10,000 sunflowers. Next year I want to double that. Right now I am busy collecting spent seed heads. I am also cutting numerous dahlia bouquets each week to share with well, anyone who needs a smile!

Did you notice the moon just above the spent sunflower heads in the center of the photo?

Hobby 2 – Model Railroading

Three years ago I finally hatched this long delayed hobby. Since then I have bought and sold several pieces from Yard Sales, Flea Markets, Train Shows and eBay as I work to build my personal layout. I will include a couple of photos of layouts I have toyed with.layout1

This next photo is from Layout 2.0


Hobby 3 – Flying a Drone

In February I successfully passed the test needed to qualify for an FCC license to legally fly a drone. Yes, you can fly without a license and thousands do, but if you crash into someone;s property or violate a federal law not having a license makes your infractions so much worse. My hope is to make the drone skill another source of side income.


Hobby 4 – Writing

This is by far my longest living hobby. in all i count five novel length works, really rough drafts I would admit. Plus about 2000 blog posts on WordPress, which have allowed me to sharpen my writing skills.

Hobby 5 – Yard Sales

Part of the reason for Hobby 5 points back to Hobbies 1 & 2. Part of my plan for Alpine Acres Flower Farm is to provide bouquets for events, such as parties, weddings and the like. In order to do that I can shop at yard sales for necessary supporting items like fancy vases and pots.

I also can search Yard Sales for train items. Last fall my town had its initial Town-Wide Yard Sale and I bought a collection from someone for an excellent price!

Sport #1 – Walking

Almost four years ago I won a Fitbit Charge at a work Christmas Party. Sicne that day I have caught the walking bug! On average right now I clock 14,000 steps each day. My miniature Sheltie gets plenty of exercise as we traverse the yard and driveway in our adventures.


Sport 2 – Kayaking

Decades ago when my body was more playable I enjoyed Water Skiing behind my uncles boat on a lake in Tennessee. These days I prefer the much calmer, self-paced enjoyment of a kayak. We enjoy this on rivers and lakes, with the lake option in the works for the upcoming Sunday as my church enjoys their annual day in a local state park.



These are my major Sports and Hobbies. Now if you want to talk about Passions I will need a few pages!

About Joe Owens

Can you tell from my writing I love God? I hope so because that is what I want you to know most about me. I am also a writer who loves taking on fiction prompts and crafting a story. One day you will read my work in print. Until then enjoy it here! For free!
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6 Responses to Sunday Stills: Your Favorite #Sport or #Hobby

  1. Joe! You are a man after my own with all these wonderful hobbies! 10K sunflowers? Be still my heart…I planted 12, lol! Thanks for sharing your fab leisure lifestyle with us on Sunday Stills this week!

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