Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Books and Paper – September 10, 2019

I used to be a regular on the Fun Foto challenge. But then life became so hectic I decided to back away from blogging for a while. Recently I have craved the interaction with my old blogging buddies as well as the opportunity to make new connections with others.

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge dated 09/10/19.




These photos are from a library my church and others helped to bring to life in the Central American country of Belize. The schools there are not funded by the government, so libraries like this are a rarity. Due to the efforts of organizations like Children of Hope Foundation that we partner with books are available for children to enjoy. If you would like to read about the library building you can find it here: So You Want to Build a Library

These are specific math skill workbooks I found on markdown at a big box store to send to assist in summer tutoring at the same place we helped build the library.

At the top of this picture you see some reading books on their way to he same place. When we assemble backpacks a reading book is included for each child to take to their school to amass a reading library everyone can utilize.


About Joe Owens

Can you tell from my writing I love God? I hope so because that is what I want you to know most about me. I am also a writer who loves taking on fiction prompts and crafting a story. One day you will read my work in print. Until then enjoy it here! For free!
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4 Responses to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Books and Paper – September 10, 2019

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    I want to play with the maze book. Wonderful photos 😀

    • Joe Owens says:

      All of these items were bought for the children that I helped support in Belize. I go to the Dollar General stores in my area when they have a further clearance on overstock and buy so the children from 4-13 have plenty of diverse activities to grow their minds.

  2. Jackie says:

    Who doesn’t love a library!

    • Joe Owens says:

      These kids consider it such a treat and the teams that come in continue to dress it up with murals . If you get a chance there is a link to a blog post I put together and it has photos of the inside of the library.

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