Fan of . . . DOGS! – 08/20/19

This is an entry for Jez Braithwaite’s Fan of . . .

The current K9 of record, Miss Sydney Kate

Dogs have been a part of my life as long as memory serves. Beginning with what my dad always called a Heinz 57 named Snoopy, after the peanuts cartoon doghouse top sleeping maestro.


This is a photo from Christmas 1970 of my brother on the left. me and Snoopy.

Not too long ago I did a blog series called the Dogs of My Life. You can access those links for each dog below if interested.

Dogs of My Life – Snoopy

Dogs of My Life – Puff

Dogs of My Life – Master

Dogs of My Life – Sparky

Dogs of My Life – Jack

Dogs of My Life – Louie

Dogs of My Life – Callie

Dogs of My Life – Angel

The Dogs of My Life: Are you Sydney?

Sadly I must admit I have not created a DoML post for Sydney. I had grand designs of a series of posts but got the point of overload in my blogging, self-imposed grant you, and stepped away for a spell. Now I feel like I am ready to dive back in so that may come in the next month or so.

So you understand how much of a Fan Of . . . Dogs I am. At times I think I could have been a great veterinarian, but then I would have only wanted to treat dogs. But then i remember the time in elementary school where we watched a screening of Old Yeller. The embarrassment of my crying like a baby about the dog having to be dealt with made that career seem untenable.

More Blog Posts About Dogs

Yes, this is selfish self-promotion, but if you are interested in more blogs about dogs you may want to look at these:

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Dogs Are Dogs No Matter Where You Are

Last week while on a mission trip in Central America the couple I lodged with and their three dogs were so hospitable I must say something. At first the Rottweiler and pit bull were vigilant and alert when I arrived, but so well-trained that when my friend Carol escorted me through the gate of their yard the dogs immediately switched their perception from foe to friend.

Dogs have a sense of you even before you make a move or show your intent. If they sense or smell fear it frightens them so much you will see their defensive nature. I see a lot of dogs in my travels and I always inquire of the owner before I attempt to engage with the animal.

I hope to see your latest Fan Of . . . post on Jez’ site.

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  1. Great shot of Miss Sydney Kate 😁, looks so innocent!!!

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