Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: May 14, 2017

Do you ever roll back through your photos to see something you missed the first time? Or find something that when you look again you find a different form or flavor of humor? Then Cee Neuner’s Oddball Photo Challenge is just right for you to show off your wares.



When my daughter and I went on a mission trip in 2015 we put together a puppet show using the puppets above. None of the children we entertained in Belize has ever seen or experienced snow. I took the puppets we used and strapped the to this sled and made a short video of them riding in the snow. I sent it to the kids so they could see what Sheriff Pedro and Miss Bacon were up to.


We are used to the behemoth cement trucks in the United States that rumble about hauling loads to job sites. But also during the same mission trip we encountered this cement truck in use by a road construction crew.


I have always lived in the U.S.A., so always have been used to eggs being sold in cartons and refrigerated. But in Belize on our mission trip we experienced what you see below. From what I understood from someone who lived as a missionary there for three years as long as they haven’t been refrigerated they don’t have to be.



I managed to draw all the photos for this OBC out of the same trip. On our “free” day during the 2015 mission trip we journeyed over to a Maya ruins called Xunantonich. To get there we had to board this ferry. The ferry is powered by a manual crank.



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Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge 05/14/17



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