Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – 04/28/17

I really have grown to love the various photo challenges that pop up in my WordPress Reader. Perhaps it has something to do with the proliferation of photos as a result of the improvement of the camera functions associated with Smartphones and the fact it is usually always at my arm’s reach.

Cee Neuner has multiple challenges like this that I have dabbled in over time. This week I want to join in on the “Which Way” Challenge which is devoted to:

  • Roads:  gravel, asphalt, cobbled, dirt, freeway, expressway, highway, bridges
  • Indoor walkways:  hallways, aisles, people movers
  • Outdoor walks:  sidewalks, paths, trails
  • Stairs, elevators, escalators, or steps:  indoors, outdoors
  • Railway  tracks, monorails, ski lifts
  • Runways and starmacs
  • Ferry’s, canals and lochs
  • Parking lots, private driveways
  • Tunnels
  • Signs of any kind:  directional, informational, store signs, wind vanes
  • Maps that are posted as signs



While I didn’t really realize it, I captured quite a few “Which Ways” on a local Spring Break trip with my wife, daughter and her college roommate. This first photo was taken as we traveled along the Blue Ridge Parkway on March 6th looking for a place to hike. Rain was just subsiding for the day and temperatures rose so quickly they had to close part of the Parkway for a period.


A couple of hours later we enjoyed better weather as we began our hikes. There is so many hiking trails within a reasonable drive of where I live and I came up with an idea of how to integrate technology and these trails but I am keeping it to myself until I can get it developed.


This is one of the tunnels on the Blue Ridge Parkway we rolled through while traveling just outside of Asheville, NC.


On Sunday of our three day weekend we visited the absolutely gorgeous Biltmore Mansion and Gardens in Asheville and saw many walkways that give visitors access to the beauty and splendor the Vanderbilt family enjoyed.


Writers draw inspiration from everywhere and I could see a new story idea for my F.B.I. partners series in this arch. I’ll bet you can’t possibly imagine what I did.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – April 28, 2017

Cee's WW

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3 Responses to Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – 04/28/17

  1. brighde says:

    Excellent! We were up there ourselves in the fall…and it was fog and/or rain every day, didn’t get to see much of anything. Maybe next year…?

  2. Cee Neuner says:

    Hi Joe, your which way photo are superb this week. 😀

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