Joe’s Musings 3.0

Two Years. 730 odd days. Plenty of ups and downs in the markets and my own life. Nothing too horrible, just days or weeks that didn’t live up to expectations. In other words “life happened”. We all experience it, but writers have the drive and desire to ferret out morsels to use as a writing prompt. Finding something to write about should not be a chore. That is one truth I would list in my two year journey on WordPress.

Perhaps the most humbling truth is that quantity does not equal quality. Yes I know this is a fundamental truth that applies in all situations and something I should have known from the outset. I suppose I did, but I still allowed this simple principle to float to the periphery of my consciousness as I plunged headlong into the “rat race” of collecting page views. I became obsessed with the counter of views I received each day. To the point I was creating content not based on a thorough concept or subject, but just to have something out there.

Fame is an elusive goal. When we, as writers, see someone of our fraternity achieve wild success it surfaces the jealousy we all struggle to hold back. We are happy for them but wonder why we cannot see the same success. That is one of the reasons I plunged into the blogging pool. You see anonymity is one of a writer’s worst fears. If i write it an no one reads it what is the point.

So my solution was an eight month hiatus from anything bordering on a collective effort at writing. It was not something I did lightly. In fact it was completely foreign. Writing is like a daily tonic, a way to let some of the effects of life wash away. A mini-reset if you will, one where feelings and motivations and other components find their place. Over this sabbatical I have decided to revamp my writing style in hopes I can better my overall output.

As part of this plan, I have decided to subdivide my writing into specific subject-centered blogs that are targeted to some of my personal interests. That way I feel like I can reach a specific audience interested in that subject instead of casting it out into the blogosphere hoping to get a nibble. It is like casting an empty hook into the ocean expecting to haul in a whale.

The 3.0 reboot of Joe’s Musings will subdivide into four subject centered blogs on the following subjects: gardening, faith, fiction and movies/TV. You see if you understand these things about me you can know a lot about who I am. They are four of the main tent posts of my interests and my life. The majority of the 600 odd posts up to this point of my blogging experience are focused on these key subjects.

So now let me take a moment to illuminate each of the new blogs and how I will approach each.

Chasing The Blooms

I love flowers and gardening? Don’t believe me? Wait until you hear about my greenhouse business or see the thousands of pictures of flowers I have collected over the years. If it has a bloom I like it. There just is not much like a field of blooms to me. If you follow along with CTB I will promise you a chance to enjoy some beautiful colors and an appreciation for the magnificence of God’s creation through plants.

Fiction Playground

This is where my fiction stories will come to life. You might even get some insight into the progress of my fiction novel The Family Secrets. Along with any weekly challenges I join with others on WordPress or any contests that catch my eye, you can count on nothing that isn’t made up showing up here.

If It is on a Screen, I Love It

To say I have a love affair with television and movies would be a tremendous understatement. From a young age, when cartoons were the mainstay to now when Netflix and I are on a first name basis, I have always enjoyed the storytelling aspects of entertainment shows and movies.

Here I will share some of my thoughts, favorites and other things relating to television and the movies. Join me for a cinematic journey.

Faith By Acts,.

The most important aspect of my life is that I am a Christian and graciously saved by my Creator and Savior and guaranteed a place in Heaven for eternity. It would be my express pleasure to share with anyone how this is possible. Through this blog I will share my faith and how I am displaying that faith to my children, other children and adults in my church and to those in my world.

So now I have given you the rough outline of Joe’s Musings 3.0. I invite you to join as i dive into year 3 and if you know anyone who might enjoy one of these blogs feel free to pass along the blog link.

About Joe Owens

Can you tell from my writing I love God? I hope so because that is what I want you to know most about me. I am also a writer who loves taking on fiction prompts and crafting a story. One day you will read my work in print. Until then enjoy it here! For free!
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