Speakeasy 142 – Saving Millicent?

The instructions for Speakeasy 142:

Your piece must include the following sentence anywhere: “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Plus a reference to this media item:


Months of study was required to document everything they knew about this time. The documents were surprisingly abundant and amazingly detailed. Every bomb that dropped on London had been painstakingly detailed. Horace had worked feverishly to convince the young men at the university library that he was not totally mad, but exactly what he purported to be, a man from the past, who arrived in a time machine.

He was seventy three when he finally got the physics correct to make his modified diner booth whoosh to another dimension. He had to chuckle at the elaborate versions of his device portrayed in the Hollywood movies and the Dr. Who television show. His device was definitely nowhere near as flashy.

To secure the help of the young men working so devotedly now, he had to arrange some mindless jaunts back and forth across the time space continuum, doing some ridiculous little acts to not only prove his claims, but satisfy some minor demands by the ones necessary to execute his plans.

With all that behind him, however he could finally focus on the fateful day his precious Millicent had perished at the hands of a German Messerschmitt that strafed her street after slipping past the air defenses. September 3rd, 1940 his lovely bride to be left his office on her way home to prepare a supper for her family where he would ask her parent’s blessing on their union. Before she could reach the safety of her home her life was snatched from her and him.

He checked, double checked and triple checked his figures for the umpteenth time. While he felt like he could do this as many times as necessary to get it right he had never had to, so had some doubt. His only recourse was to be absolutely sure he was going to land at the exact spot so he could intercept Millicent. He was nearly ready to try, but he needed Dwight Fralingham to join his crew with the final pieces of information. Quentin was just finishing a Physics examination and expected to arrive at any moment.

“Tell me why you have to go,” Camille asked.

“Don’t you see, this is my doctorate theory in practice? If I can go with Horace and retrieve an artifact from the day it will prove my theory and enable us to make this technology usable for practical purposes,” Dwight explained.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea!” Camille declared.


“You are talking about changing history. What gives you that right? What makes you so confident your choices about whom and why will be any better than the ones made? What is to keep another who takes your technology from going back a few days more and starting something infinitely worse?”

Dwight stood speechless as he considered the depth of Camille’s argument. She had definitely delved much deeper into the complete process than he. The old man’s story had been so convincing he was willing to indulge his desperate attempt to save his “one true love”. He could see a similar twinkle in Horace’s eye as was in his when Camille was near.

Horace checked his watch. The accuracy of his plan depended on Quentin arriving soon. His window was closing too fast and he never had missed his sweet Millicent as much as he did right now. Knowing his chance to save her was in sight buoyed his spirits. Of all the egg heads recruited for this massive effort, he felt Quentin was the most dependable. He seemed to get the urgency as well as the idea that it was worth bending the laws of physics simply to save his lost love.

“Mr. Blakely, we must go very soon!” another lackey announced.

“Yes Forbender, I know!” Horace replied, unable to hide his irritation.

“What are we waiting for?” Forbender asked.

“Master Fralingham has the last piece of information. I must know for sure we will land in Millicent’s path.”

“We must go, Mr. Blakely.”

“But what if I miss her because we did not wait?” Horace asked, panicked.

“If we do not go soon, we’ll miss the opportunity for another decade.”

“You are positive?” Horace questioned.

“All our calculations say this is true,” Forbender confirmed.

Horace let out a long slow breath. “Then we must go.”

Moments later the scenery flanking Big Ben began to blur.


 Check it out here:Speakeasy #142

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