Daily Prompt – Naked with Black Socks


Daily Prompt – Naked with Black Socks Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? Why?

I can remember a time when standing in front of even a few people would send me into a fright filled adventure. I am not sure I ever had a problem with stuttering, but it was hard for me to talk in front of others. I can remember when I first began to overcome this at church as I stood in front to lead the Sunday School service. Even though I began to overcome it I tried other things as my high school opportunities increased. This included forensics, namely extemporaneous speaking. This is where you receive a topic and have a limited amount of time to research the topic and then you must give a speech.

Each time I did this I became more confident with the process of speaking. I also made it a priority to speak about my faith whenever I could. As a Christian i believed it was important to share what God had done for me in the area of Salvation. Sharing my faith and testimony was another way to continue to master the art of public speaking. It was something I felt was important enough to overcome all the reservations I had.

That is not to say I did not still have moments of difficulty. Talking to girls i was interested in used to really be difficult. I can remember going to fast food restaurants on high school band trips and nearly choking on the words trying to order. This was not because the person on the other side was threatening to bite my head off, it was just all part of the process.

That was a while ago. Since then I took every opportunity to speak. This included some time as a deacon in my church. Standing in front of a podium in front of a couple hundred people will do a lot for your confidence. So will taking a turn as the emcee of a womanless beauty contest at the Amercian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life Festivities. This crowd was significantly larger. But by this time it was not about the size of the crowd. Actually five people is not that much different than five hundred. It is the confidence that matters.

Presently I am working to get our church ready to prepare Christmas shoeboxes/backpacks to send as we make our second mission trip to Belize. There is many opportunities to communicate the needs we have and being articulate is important. I am so glad I have learned to overcome the fear I had of speaking in public.

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  1. Heather Greenis says:

    Hi Joe I hate reading in public, with a passion.  

    How is your schedule these days?  I’m assuming you’re still working on your book.

    Do you have time to read book 2, Natasha’s Diary?  I’ve finished with my editors and looking for fresh eyes to look for any mistakes we’ve missed.  The book hasn’t gone to the galley yet, but will soon.   It’s in a PDF, but like the last time, doesn’t have a cover or any of the acknowledgement etc yet. 

      Heather   Natasha’s Dream  Natasha’s Diary – December 2013 >Natasha’s Hope – March 2014 > >Natasha’s Legacy – June 2014 > > > >look for me on facebook >post a review on  > >Goodreads >links to distributors >can be found on my website > > >Not available in Print


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