Daily Prompt – Luxurious


Daily Prompt: Luxurious – What’s the one luxury you can’t live without?

Luxury is a word one does not necessarily think about in it’s truest sense, as in something unattainable or ultra-expensive. When i saw this prompt I began thinking in terms of what I have that I could do without, but choose not to. Like the internet access I have. Due to my job requirements I require high speed internet at my home. With DSL I usually can do anything I need on the internet, including watching video if I choose, such as Netflix, Youtube or Hulu.

Is this a necessity? No, not in terms of living without it. But it is a necessity for me to enjoy the convenience of being able to work from home. In this day of high gas prices as well as ever increasing maintenance and replacement costs for vehicles, any reduction in use is a good investment.

The internet gives me the opportunity to investigate items I am interested in purchasing. For instance I can look on Amazon or any other commercial site at the customer reviews of items to see how they rate them. I buy a lot fo the things I need, other than day to day staples online because there is a noticeable difference in price. Also, I have done a decent job of listing and selling some extra items collecting dust in our basement. ‘

Since I began blogging on WordPress I have established several friendships with others in different places on the writing and publishing journey. Their experience is a great lesson for me and opportunity to learn as i go. Hopefully this experience will allow me to sidestep some of the pitfalls of the process.  This “luxury” also gives me a way to develop my “Writing platform”, something folks like Kristen Lamb and others say is an important need.

A few years ago any access to the internet was consider luxurious. With the increase in saturation the cost has dropped to where that is no longer the case. Ever improving cellular networks make the accessibility to the online world that much more convenient. Websites like WordPress are paying attention and developing mobile applications to capture the mobile phone and tablet devices that are also growing so fast.

So you have my answer for the prompt. Is it something I cannot live without? No, of course not. It is something I choose to have and keep learning about so i can get the most out of it., Using the platform to develop my reach into the writing world is definitely going to help my writing career. I am interested to read what others say is their luxury.

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  1. irene says:

    Amazing Post.thanks for share… looking forward to more.

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