Daily Prompt: Everything Changes

Another interesting daily prompt to answer. Some of them just do not catch your attention, or are more than a writer can fit in with the hectic life we all lead. There are so many challenges that are a regular part of my blogging schedule that I usually eschew the Daily Prompt. But this particular one sounded to promising to pass up. I wonder if any other response will mimic the one I concocted?

The premise – Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience.


Sally Blanchard walked down the city street drawing in the cool morning air. It was nice to enjoy an existence where she could take morning walks like this and see all the beauty of nature. It was a far cry from the months she had spent running, searching for a safe place to exist. That could not be called living, only surviving. Now, thanks to the help of the local authorities her life was reset and she was finally learning to relax.

Occasionally she would recall something from the past that threatened to shatter her peace. With the help of Doctor Crane, her psychiatrist she learned how to sublimate these thoughts and memories. There was nothing she could not overcome she told Sally. All that was necessary was to follow the process. Put it away without concentrating on the bad memories. She would have to become an expert, because there were so many bad memories.

As she walked through the nearly empty streets she thought about what she had left behind that was not forgettable. The people and the places that made her who she was. It still bothered her she had to surrender any of that to be safe. But surrender was the only choice she had. Special Agent Sloan made that painfully clear the night she entered the witness protection program. It was all or nothing. Give it all up or come away with nothing. He could only protect her if she agreed to do this. Otherwise her life expectancy would skyrocket in the wrong direction.

Sloan warned her to make variations in her routine for at least six months, just to be sure. Today was day one ninety three and she felt like the danger was past. She liked this neighborhood and the walk gave her the ability to appreciate some gorgeous rose gardens in a mature neighborhood where older residents enjoyed their horticulture abilities. She knew she could never return to the life she had, or the profession that was her passion. Growing flowers in her new yard was not nearly as fulfilling, but it was something.

She saw a folded piece of paper lying on the street in front of her. She would have ignored it, but it had a familiar image on the top. Bending to retrieve the object, she felt a chill creep up her spine. As she unfolded the paper her heart sank. It was the official paper, like the one Special Agent Sloan showed her the day she arrived here. A paper no one else would ever see, he assured her. Her hands trembled as she scanned the page. At the bottom, in a black felt tip print was these words:


In that moment everything changed.


Daily Prompt: Everything Changes

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  4. DonettaSd says:

    Very interesting. This sounds like a prompt I’d like to try. Picking up a letter changed everything. The end gave me chills. Great imagery.

  5. Olga Brajnović says:

    Very well done.

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