ROW 80 – RD 3 Sunday Check-in – 14th July

So what are my goals for this round? Some of the goals are left over from the second round, but that is okay because they are some big goals.

  1. Finish the major edit of my new Work in Progress. My goal is to finish the edit during this round. Right now I feel very confident I will finish it well ahead of schedule. Right now I am at 48,000 words edited, a gain of 23,000 just this week. I have pared it down from 95,000 words to just under 78,800, but I have another sizable conflict to add that will likely move it back toward ny target of 80-85 K.
  2. Set up a group of four Beta readers for the Work in Progress.I have three of the four locked in and I also made arrangements with another author to read her latest in exchange for the same. I think having extra sets of eyes analyzing will make it so much stronger.
  3. Find an editor that can bring my Work In Progress home. Interestingly I picked up a free publication in my blog travels this week called “Everything You Wanted to Know About HIring a Freelance Editor.” I am still learning this business and do not know for sure what my best choice could be, Hopefully during the next few weeks I can figure it out.
  4. Outline the trilogy bubbling inside my head. Right now I refuse to give this any mental time because I know myself too well. It is the old adage “you give them an inch they will take a mile” and I just don;t have the time to write anything on it right now.
  5. Help promote Blogdramedy’s Dog Days of Summer.In August a friend, Blogdramedy, is hosting a ten-day challenge where you write 110 words according to the theme Dog Days of Summer. I am a veteran of one other of her challenges, Blog Festivus 2012 and it was so much fun I had to sign up again. I have created multiple posts with links to this challenge.
  6. Help promote and enlist bloggers in Josh Magill’s collaborative fiction project. Recently I completed a collaborative fiction story with eleven other bloggers. We each took a chapter and put together a thirteen part story (I did two, that’s how the math works) and now I am going to do it again with Josh Magill, one of the others as he does a 13 part, but with a 100 word limit. He is still recruiting if you feel this is something of interest.
  7. Understand and continue to build my online brand. At the risk of setting too many goals, I want to continue to build my brand. I have found some good Facebook groups geared toward writers. Truthfully the only way to know which are good is to join and monitor the discussion and opportunity to build friendships with others. Some have advice to share, some are just places for people to promote their books.
  8. Read and comment on other ROW80 check-in posts – This is as much research for me as anything. I feel like I have accumulated so much knowledge of the process and dos and don’ts of the writing craft since I have been blogging on WordPress. I expect to glean even more knowledge from reading these check-in posts.

I see a lot of blogs reviewing their 2013 list of goals. If I look back at the start of this year, my goals were somewhat different. Sure, i still would love to enter some contests, but right now the biggest priority is finishing my work in progress so i can get it ready to send off to agents. After that maybe i will find the right contests and they will help me with goal number 7.


About Joe Owens

Can you tell from my writing I love God? I hope so because that is what I want you to know most about me. I am also a writer who loves taking on fiction prompts and crafting a story. One day you will read my work in print. Until then enjoy it here! For free!
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2 Responses to ROW 80 – RD 3 Sunday Check-in – 14th July

  1. Beth Camp says:

    I really liked your list of goals — all circling around the writing, all nicely specific. I too am embarked on the (hopefully) ‘final’ edit and have appreciated the strategies and insights gained from reading posts by other ROW80 folk. Here, I’d love to know which FB sites are really useful for writers. I’m sort of active in 3 (poetry, Writers on Writing, Review Seekers, and ROW80). I will check out your additional ‘challenges’. Your comment about not working on that outline made me laugh. Oh how easily we get sucked in . . .

    • Joe Owens says:

      Beth – Thanks for commenting. I feel really good about the organization I have as far as my writing goes. A former minister of mine used to always say “if you don’t set a target you will miss it every time.” I want to be published so much and I feel I am closer than ever. About the outline, I plan to head off to the beach on Saturday and will devote what time I am away, without my laptop, to outlining the new trilogy. Kind of a compromise since the ideas are so numerous right now.

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