Trifecta -Week Eighty-Four – Crude Sailing

Another Monday and another Trifecta Challenge. This one is asking for us to use crude in our story. But not just any variation, the third from the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary.

1: existing in a natural state and unaltered by cooking or processing <crude oil>
2 archaic : unripe, immature
3: marked by the primitive, gross, or elemental or by uncultivated simplicity or vulgarity <a crude stereotype>
4: rough or inexpert in plan or execution <a crude shelter>
5: lacking a covering, glossing, or concealing element :obvious <crude facts>
6: tabulated without being broken down into classes <thecrude death rate>
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This week we will be judged by the community. That means those of you who read mine will be pitting my story against all the ones that are linked up. I hope you find mine worthy of consideration. Either way pleas comment to let me know what you think. Voting starts at 8 PM Thursday and ends 14 hours later at 10 AM on Friday.

This was taken from the cruise ship as we spent our last day at sea heading back to Florida.

This was taken from the cruise ship as we spent our last day at sea heading back to Florida.

Here is mine: Crude Sailing

Jake Covington stood with his hands on his hips staring out at the deep blue sea. He needed this vacation. To get away from the job that threatened his life. He was not a policeman, fireman or other member of the fraternity of first responders that put their life at risk every day. No he was a “fixer” for the university president. If anything went wrong it was his office phone, home phone, cell, e-mail or pager that went active.

Just a few days aboard a cruise ship would be good for him everyone said. Kick back, relax and let off some steam. $1239 donated to the shipboard casino and he felt a tad better. Not about losing the money, but having fun. Now it all had to end. The hard shudder he felt that woke him before dawn was the engine of the ship failing.

Now he was leading an effort to fashion crude sails out of the linens from the laundry. There was a brisk wind blowing toward the northwest ahead of a tropical storm that he hoped would be enough to drive the huge ship toward the U.S. coast. Had the cruise line not already had a series of incidents his suggestion likely would have been laughed away as science fiction.

But this was a strange time when a perfect cruise was something to celebrate. Any effort to prevent the ship from being ravaged by Tropical Storm Heather was appreciated. No cruise ship had ever been capsized by a storm, but none had ever sat dead in the water directly in the path of a storm actively spinning up toward major hurricane status.

Jake watched as the crew heaved the large crude sails toward the top mast of the structures. He grabbed the rail as the fabric yielded to the wind and filled with air. The ship lurched, and then began to move. One of the crew slapped him on the back as a smile found his face.



The photos I included came from a cruise I recently enjoyed with my teenage children and wife aboard a Carnival cruise ship. We experienced no issues like I portray in the story above. The ship was beautiful and so was the scenery. The character bears some resmblence to someone seated with us for dinner and the storm was named after the author of a book I enjoyed during my time traveling to and from port.

About Joe Owens

Can you tell from my writing I love God? I hope so because that is what I want you to know most about me. I am also a writer who loves taking on fiction prompts and crafting a story. One day you will read my work in print. Until then enjoy it here! For free!
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10 Responses to Trifecta -Week Eighty-Four – Crude Sailing

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  2. kallanannie says:

    Just the thought of being on an ocean liner in the path of a hurricane makes me feel queasy. If I’m ever on one, I hope there’s a Jake on board!

  3. I bet if he’d been at the helm the whole time, the boat would have never suffered a mishap. Thank you for linking up. Please don’t forget to return for the voting!

  4. Draug419 says:

    I can’t imagine laundry sails on such a massive ship! That takes imagination (:

  5. Jennifer says:

    This is one of the reasons I never want to go on a cruise, especially during hurricane season. I’ll take my hurricanes while on land thank you very much.

  6. jannatwrites says:

    Good thing he was a fixer…that sure came i handy on the vacation.

  7. Wouldn’t life be better if we all had our own personal fixer?!

  8. Shawn Pruett says:

    I enjoyed reading your story, a great way to ring in this years hurricane season. I will take a winter cruise!

  9. Gabriella says:

    Jake the fixer! Great story.

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