Natasha’s Dream – A Book Review

Natasha’s Dream Cover Art

Natasha’s Dream is an enchanting look into the life of a princess born to a father who only values sons that will continue his lineage. Natasha simply desires to be loved for what she is: a beautiful young woman. But this is not her lot in life, especially from the eyes of her fat5her, King Harold. He sees the young princess as a mere liability. Regarding her as such, he dismisses her as a mistake.

Little did she know a chance encounter by the riverside would begin alive affair that would change her life. Stewart Donovan is  just the man natasha needs to reveal her true worth and make her feel alive. Making the relationship work means deceiving everyone in her family as she is expected to wed only royalty. The twists and turns will leave you yearning for the next entry in her diary.

Heather Greenis captures the unique complications that go along with a royal dating a commoner and fearing a controlling parent. You will love reading about Stewart and Natasha’s forbidden love. I would definitely recommend it for your reading list.

Heather has an uncanny ability to frequently “manipulate” her dreams. As a bonus, she remembers them in extensive detail the following morning. A dream inspired the basic storyline. Then her overactive imagination developed the characters and the detail. In her spare time Heather assists the Healing Cycle, Hospice Palliative Care. She is also actively involved with the local curling club, currently volunteering her time teaching children when she isn’t curling herself. Heather has a passion for travel, photography and gardening. She would like to extend a special thank-you to her niece for reading and re-reading and to her husband for his support, and encouragement, suggesting she “write it down”.

I met Heather a short time ago and agreed to read Natasha’s Dream as a critique partner. I received the PDF file and added it to my Kindle for a trip to Florida aboard a chartered bus. It was a great way to pass the hours and I loved reading about natasha and Stewart’s budding love.  I recommend you read this book and let Heather know what you think. You can find the book at all your favorite online e-book retailers, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and from the publisher: MuseItUp Publishing.

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2 Responses to Natasha’s Dream – A Book Review

  1. malanouette says:

    Great review, Heather.

  2. Heather G says:

    thank you so much, my friend.

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