Simon’s Upside-down Love Affair – Friday Fictioneers – June 14

Hooray! The mid-week aid to survive hump day is here. To the world it is known as Friday Fictioneers, but to those of us who play along it can actually begin on Wednesday, when our lovely den mistress Rochelle Wisoff-Fields sets the hounds loose with our weekly photo inspiration. I enjoy this weekly opportunity to stretch my storytelling to cover the unlimited possibilities the picture can offer. Think i am nuts? Stick around to read the other stories that the picture conjures and you will likely find 100 stories from the 100 writers that take this challenge.

Here is my response to the prompt for this week. The Genre is simple fiction. The word count is a svelte 99 words.

He could remember the first time he saw Billy Joel. The music that escaped from the piano mesmerized him. From that moment all he wanted to do was play.

Mother encouraged at first, but Father found out when he floated back into town one day and smashed the “demon music box”.

After this Simon had to play in secret, always watching for his father who followed and destroyed his music machines.

One day Simon found an answer to his dilemma. It was a custom made piano with keys on the inside. If only he could get word to Mother.

I hope you will let me know how you liked my interpretation of the prompt. I love reading comments and the interaction that comes along with getting to know other writers. I have made a lot of friends here that I am finding in other places, such as the Trifecta and it is great to share the other challenges with familiar names. If you click on the blue guy below you can see their work as well.


About Joe Owens

Can you tell from my writing I love God? I hope so because that is what I want you to know most about me. I am also a writer who loves taking on fiction prompts and crafting a story. One day you will read my work in print. Until then enjoy it here! For free!
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41 Responses to Simon’s Upside-down Love Affair – Friday Fictioneers – June 14

  1. julespaige says:

    Thanks for stopping by my place or should I say ours?
    I do like your take on the prompt – Thinking ‘inside the box’, maybe if they are able Mom and son should just leave father…

    But then we don’t know what musical trama Father might have had as a boy…

  2. elappleby says:

    A piano with keys on the inside – brilliant! A nice mix of humour and drama here 🙂

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