Praying for Susannah

Hello all. I have a totally different topic for the blog today. I suppose in truth it is something I should take time to do more often and perhaps this will be the start of a new phase in my writing procedures. It seems there is never a shortage of things I would like to share on my blog and some days I have to rein in my exuberance so i do not post multiple entries. I know some do, but I do not want to publish quantity over quality. But I digress from the reason for this entry.

Source: WANA Commons. Copyright: John Suler's PhotoPsychology

Source: WANA Commons. Copyright: John Suler’s PhotoPsychology

Today I want to share with you the experience of a blogging acquaintance I met shortly after I began blogging on WordPress the end of october 2012. Susannah Bianchi is a young woman who calls the Big Apple her home. She is just one among millions, but her writing about her interactions with the masses is what drew me to follow her blog. You see I come from a small town in the mountains of Virginia. I can climb a small hill at my home and see the two tallest mountains in my state. If I go to my hometown on the busiest of days I might see three hundred people. For Susannah a multiple block walk can bring her in contact with 1,000 times more.

I find her adventures to be so exciting and different from mine. Sure, some of this springs from the fact that we are different genders, but of course the culture of a megacity compared to a rural one will add so many possibilites for contract. But I believe it is Susannah’s personality that strikes me as so interesting. You can tell by how someone writes a lot about what makes them who they are. Susannah’s voice is unique.

Now we come to the meat of whay I chose to put all this together. Susannah recently shared a health issue that has suddenly changer her life. Thankfully it is not something so severe as a terminal illness, but instead is is the loss of a portion of one of her five senses. Susannah is dealing with an unexpected loss of hearing in one ear and affected hearing in the other. When i first found out about this it struck my heart. We are barely acquaintances that occasionally comment on each other’s blogs. The chance that we would ever meet is certainly remote, but at the same time I just feel so much compassion for her situation.

As I thought about this post over the weekend I considered all the factors that could come in to play. Will this make Susannah uncomfortable? Will people wonder why I care enough to write about it? Then I came to a final decision that it is not wrong to care about another person and share their needs with people. I am not sharing anything Susannah has not written on her blog. I hope those of you who pray for physical needs will join me in asking for a positive resolution for Susannah.

Think about losing your hearing, or even a portion. I love music and hearing the sounds of nature. As i write this I have a television on and hear some of it, some birds chirping out the window and my wife across the house prodding my daughter to exit her bed. Would my life be over if I could not hear? No, but it would be a troubling inconvenience. I know Susannah would be encouraged to know others are thinking of her while praying for her healing.

I realized I am nearly finished with this post and I did not share a link to susannah’s blog so you can see what I mean about her blogging voice. You can find her at Athingirl. Drop by and check out this fabulous blog.

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