Weekly Photo Challenge – Fleeting

The weekly photo challenge is our chance to show off our photography chops as well as the eye we have at capturing the world around us. There is a commercial right now that talks about how many millions or perhaps billions of photos are snapped each day with mobile phones. I am now part of that number as I have fallen in love with the photos I take with my Windows phone. It is a Nokia Lumina 822 with a very good 8 Mega Pixel camera. WHen I traveled to Belize last December I lugged around a bulky Kodak Easy Share 740 and I am so much happier with this smaller device.

I take a lot of pictures and ease use of this camera phone is fantastic. It is lightweight, yet powerful. I can use it for video and snapshots, so it is also very versatile. In short, it gives me such a range of options it would be hard not to love the device. I feel like I have put it through its paces since I got it, but this week especially I have made it work for me. Our church is finishing up our annual week of Vacation Bible School and I have been busy clicking away.

Fleeting is a great word to describe the experience of a bible school. Over six nights you will have an ever changing set of kids that circulate through your church. I took snapshots of the classes as they came through my missions presentation and I could recognize faces I had not seen on any other night as well as missing some that whatever reason did not return.


You just never know if any of these kids will ever come back for another bible school. With all the possibilities for kids to be involved in they may not have the opportunity to have fun and learn as they have this week.

Another example of fleeting is something I rarely take time to capture in a photograph: A sunrise. Usually I either am not out early enough or not in a physical position to get a good shot. lately i have been waking early, many days prior to sunrise, and during myearly morning walk this week I foudn myself in the right place at the right time. I hope when you select the picture you can se more. The only regret I have with the windows phone is that I cannot zoom. The way I understand you can take the finished picture and through some cpnnecting programs do this.

I got the following pictures when I made the turn on the gravel road I utilize for walking. This is a rare morning when we are not plagued with overcast skies. It is also prior to the Tropical Storm Andrea effects which is a tremendous amount of cloud cover and intermittent rain. It was a nice change to see a beautiful sunrise as I usually only catch the spectacular sunsets.


Another picture I can add to this post is on a large clematis plant in my yard. This photo was taken on the 9th day of May when the plant was in full bloom. It only lasted another two weeks and by then all the blooms were gone.


I had to go get this picture as my ultimate example of Fleeting. I have never seen this anywhere else and it lasted less than a day after we discovered and photographed it.

roll snow 2roll snow 1

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