Clematis – Montana Reubens variety

This is the largest and most hardy Clematis I have ever grown. WHile you may be impressed by some of the pictures below the particular example I show is only about 6-7 fett tall. This variety can reach 35-40 feet high. I put it at this telephone pole so that it might have something to climb on. So far I have only stapled enough hex wire to allow it to climb just over my head. the vine is so dense that it keeps pulling down the support I add. I hope to spend more time after it finishes blooming to give it more vertical growing assistance.

This is our Montana Ruebens clematis on March 30th showing very little life.

This is our Montana Ruebens clematis on March 30th showing very little life.

WP_20130426_002 WP_20130426_003


You can see shoots reaching for the sky. If they have something to support them they will grow right on up toward the sky.


When the buds first open they are a soft pink, but this color begins to fade as the blooms fully open.

WP_20130509_003 WP_20130509_004 WP_20130510_002

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  1. WOW! Thats crazy. I have one of these in my backyard and they have NEVER bloomed like this 🙂 Looks so nice! 🙂

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