A Collaborative Fiction Story – Chapter 5

Baker’s Dozen Fiction Story – Chapter 5 by Candice Setton


Ross, in his best efforts, ensures Angie and Forrest that he can lead them to safety, blindly and for the moment, they trust him as it seems they have no other option or way out of this war around them. They cross over into a large warehouse three blocks down from their office. They have walked past this warehouse many times and neither of them, at this moment, remember giving it much more attention than that.

“What is this place?” they wonder.

There is a silence and peace that feels strange considering the chaos that is going on around them. They are overcome by the peace and stand side by side, Angie and Forrest, holding hands and breathing deeply. Suddenly, as though they were lost in another world, they realise their closeness and Forrest looks into Angie’s beautiful eyes as if to say, “I don’t know how, but we will get out of this alive and together.” They sigh, in unison, and it just feels so right, the two of them together.

It is at that moment that Forrest’s cell phone buzzes rather loudly in his pocket. It is like they, the people who caused this, are still watching and each moment he gets to drink Angie in, they break him away from it. Yet another cryptic message, this one a little clearer than the previous one. It simply reads, “YOU MUST TRUST NO ONE EXCEPT THE GIRL!” As he ponders on this message and wonders what Ross is doing, who he really works for and where he is leading them to, he grabs Angie and begins to run, and run, and run. Angie, who trusts him totally, accepts the running without question. She knows what her own father is capable of and is relieved that Forrest has been warned without her having to say anything. Although she does wonder who the message came from. Right now there is no time to give it much thought.

After what felt like hours of running they finally come to a place where they can stop, for a brief moment, and gather their thoughts. Neither one of them would ever have imagined that they were this connected. While they were both secretly drawn to each other, this seems a little unreal right now but they both know that they need to get out of whatever they are in before they can actually discuss anything, and they are both strangely ok with that. They embrace the journey and look forward to the end when they can, hopefully, have a quiet night in and discuss life. It is at that moment that they both feel that they are in this together, forever.

Suddenly, Forrest gets a flash back to sitting at the traffic light and being stopped every single morning. He knows now that there probably were cameras all along and that they, whoever they are, stopped him every single day to observe him. Who were these people? And what on earth was the true meaning behind the bent piece of metal around his neck? Since his father gave it to him he has never taken it off. He tries then to remove it, but he cannot.

Angie notices that he is lost deep in thought and slowly touches his arm. The touch of her skin to his brings him back to the present and he is really grateful to have her at his side. She looks at him and says exactly what he just thought and together they get lost in another world for a brief moment in time.

They are immediately snapped back to reality by the buzzing of Forrest’s phone. Another message, it reads, “HELP IS ON THE WAY.” As they read it together, they hear a chopper up ahead. They have no idea where to run to but they both know that they have to get out of there. They look up at the chopper and it is clearly marked with the ‘Mossad’ marking – they are here to help Forrest and Angie. After Ross had given a brief background of Dawid’s history, and after the message that they just read, they know that this is help and they can trust these people.

A sudden feeling of relief engulfs them as they reach for the ladder that has been lowered and they are lifted into the safety of the chopper. Once inside and seated they are given some much needed water and promised a place to clean up and eat – much to their relief. They both sink into the leather seats and fall into a deep sleep, overcome by the exhaustion, side by side.

The soldiers watch as they sleep. They take Forrest’s phone and search it for any clues that they might need. They know exactly who these two are and wonder if they are at all aware of what is happening around them. The soldiers search Forrest and Angie for identity just to reassure themselves that they have the right people. Neither of them awake as they are searched, as though they have been drugged, they are both in such a deep sleep, wrapped in each other’s warmth.

They are awoken by the quiet that follows once the chopper has landed. They realise that neither of them have any clue as to where they are yet they just know that these people have the answers that they need…or do they?

Chapter 1 by Joe Owens if you missed it.

Chapter 2 by Josh Magill

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About Joe Owens

Can you tell from my writing I love God? I hope so because that is what I want you to know most about me. I am also a writer who loves taking on fiction prompts and crafting a story. One day you will read my work in print. Until then enjoy it here! For free!
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