April A to Z Blogging Challenge – Day Nineteen – Sin and Salvation

When I began the A to Z Challenge I thought the topics would be pretty easy to select. I wanted to be sure my topics were well thought and interesting. One of my thoughts was to make my topics relate to things important and interesting to me. I started with Absolution, which is what you receive when you admit you are a sinner and ask Christ into your heart. Perhaps I should have waited a bit to introduce that word, but since i didn’t, I thought I might give some more time to two words starting with S in this space: sin and salvation.

These terms have a strong tie. One is guaranteed to plague every mortal being. In fact we are likely to commit more than one sin each day. Think I am wrong? Take a few moments to think about what you have done just today.

What is a sin? A sin is an act that is against what God declares in his word, the Bible to be an acceptable act. Using the Ten Commandments, which can be found in Exodus Chapter 20, we find these kind of acts are: murder, lust, lying, coveting, adultery and stealing.

Do you think this does not apply to you? Romans 3:23 says “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” All of us do this. Everyone is included in this mortal shortcoming.

Romans 6:23 says “The wages of sin is death.” So following on the preceding thought, if all of us sin are we considered to be dead? Spiritually we are dead to God. Many people have a problem with this concept. How could a loving God be like this?

The answer is that God wanted us to make a choice not to be a sinner. This is the decision to seek salvation. Salvation from an eternal separation from God. You see that is the death referenced in Romans 6:23.

When we die we will all face our Creator at judgement. Those who chose to seek Salvation before their death will have an eternal reward in Heaven. I made my choice over three decades ago and am secure in the knowledge that I know where I will spend eternity. I hope you know that peace too.

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About Joe Owens

Can you tell from my writing I love God? I hope so because that is what I want you to know most about me. I am also a writer who loves taking on fiction prompts and crafting a story. One day you will read my work in print. Until then enjoy it here! For free!
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1 Response to April A to Z Blogging Challenge – Day Nineteen – Sin and Salvation

  1. Wayne Kelly says:

    Hi Joe. Swinging by from A-Z to say thanks for visiting my blog. I’m not a religious person, but I think it’s a universal truth that nobody is free from sin, but we can strive to keep bettering ourselves and to treat others with respect. Hope you continue to enjoy the challenge!

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