Weekly Photo Challenge – UP

I have not completed one of these Weekly Photo Challenges in a while, but when I saw this one today my mind was flooded with ideas. Up is a term with so many possibilities. My first thought was pictures I made from the airplane during my mission trip to Belize in December.

While we were in Belize for the seven day mission trip we got to see such a beautiful country and people. There was an overwhelming amount of visual stimuli to observe, so I snapped as many pictures as I could. Following on to the idea of this prompt I thought about the afternoon we rode over to a high hill that overlooked part of the capital city of Belmopan.

We saw so many different styles of houses in Belize. The level of development is significantly different than in any neighborhood in the United States. While not primitive  it is a marked change from what is the norm in America. You will not find subdivisions or even rows of identical homes. Each house has an individual style and design. When we traveled from the airport to our  temporary home we saw what seemed to be the shells of homes. The walls were there, but there was no roof. I decided these had to be left from some disaster like a hurricane. In fact, this is the way homes are built in Belize.

Unlike America where a horrendous debt is secured before anything else, the people who build in Belize only do so as they can afford the material. The structures I saw were awaiting enough money to add the roof. This up is building from the ground up.

Pardon me while I shift gears now to talk about a different kind of up. This is waiting for me seeds I planted to come up. I planted watermelon, tomato, cucumber, squash and flower seeds and have anxiously awaited their emergence from the soil. This is an exciting process for me, as it signifies the coming of the growing season. We grow a large garden and love to start our own plants.

So tell me what you like about the Up topics I shared. If you want to know more about any of this I will share that as well.

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