Daily Prompt: Judgment Day

If you were to judge your favorite book by its cover, would you still read it?

I have a bit of an issue with answering this prompt. But not for the reason you might believe. I understand the premise and see the validity in the question. So what is my issue? Do I have one or am I just being dodgy? Perhaps. But my real issue with this prompt is the idea that I have a favorite book. In truth my favorite book is usually the one I have just completed. As a storyteller, I love delving into other tales and feeling as though I am toted along on a carriage through each scene, watching the protagonist and antagonist do their dance.

But I will answer this prompt by giving you the opinion on the last three books I read. The last one I completed is called The Reckoning:Saga of a Civil War Blockade Runner by Bob Larranaga. I used to love all things that related to the American Civil War or the War Between the States. I suppose the romantic notion of the southern states standing up for their beliefs was enough when I was younger to blind me to the other issues. I will say the cover would probably have not been enough to lead me to read this particular book. I am glad I had the promotional blurb to steer me toward the right decision.

On the other hand the second and third covers of books above were plenty to get me to read. A picture of the White House, which is the symbol of the President of the United States of America, one of my greatest interests in fiction stories, made “The Dirty Secret” by Brent Wolfingbarger  a must read. I was not disappointed as this story of a contested election in the Electoral College was suspenseful and thrilling from the beginning to the end. When i finished the book I entered a review on Amazon and recently got a response by the author through my Word Press comments. It was the first time i had interaction with the author of a book I read.

The other cover I included here for “In Deep Shitake” is about a humorous, romantic suspense tale by an author by the name of Patricia Mason. To me the cover looked like a James Bond kind of tale, which is another of my favorite movie characters. To be sure the story is not anything like Mr. Ian Fleming would craft, but it was an enjoyable read. Ms. mason has more books in this series that will probably make my reading list at some future date.

I would happily recommend each of these books to you for your perusal and enjoyment. So if I have a word of advice, it would be do not judge these books or any others by their covers. I understand more and more the power of the promotional blurb that is included on the back jacket or the entry online to make you decide to choose the book. I must work on polishing mine to make them undeniably enticing.

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