Daily Prompt – Competition

What activity, task, or game most brings out your competitive streak?

Daily Prompt

At my age and relative physical condition any physical competition must be short lived, or something done in short bursts. In my job I am a desk Jockey and do not spend enough time on my feet to develop any kind of physical prowess. The fact that the winter drags on in my neck of the woods adds to the situation as a rainy forecast today will negate a chance to take a walk with my wife later this afternoon. My only alternative may be time with the treadmill.

Over the years I have enjoyed baseball,l basketball, football and cycling as my kids learned each sport. But you really cannot compete with them on a full speed level for fear of them getting hurt when they are younger and less developed. My son is going to be eighteen in about seven weeks and he has a fairly good ability to his long shots, or three point range tries when we take time to set up the portable goal and shoot some hoops. I never got the chance to play in high school and he tried one year, but sat on the bench the majority of the time, so lost interest.

I used to enjoy playing trivial pursuit when it was first popular. I knew a lot of the answers, so it was something that I could succeed with. I also enjoyed Monopoly, but as my kids have aged their attraction waned. We do play a couple of  card games with some neighbors occasionally, Canasta and hand and Foot, or double Canasta. This brings out some competitiveness and we enjoy the strategy involved.

I find myself feeling a bit of competitive fire as I read about others success in getting their work noticed and published. I guess it is just human nature to feel some envy when you see another accomplish something you desire so deeply. I read a Writer’s Digest story yesterday that described writers as kind but selfish. We want to succeed, but cannot help but feel a tinge of jealousy when others succeed faster or farther than we.

I suppose there is not one true competitive thing in my life. I understood long ago that the true success in life does not come from besting others, but working together to assure all succeed to their full potential.

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