Daily Prompt:INTJ

Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send you scurrying for peace and quiet?

I have been described as an introvert in my life. There are times I do not feel particularly outgoing and a party just is not the place for me. But this has changed remarkably over the years. When I met my wife I learned what it was like to be part of a larger family. You see my family was just four people, my parents, a brother and me. Our family did not get together very often, just at Christmas time and on Sundays at my grandparents. It was usually low-key, never a part type of interaction.


I have been in large crowds though. Within an hour of my home is the Bristol Motor Speedway, a 160,000 seat arena geared toward NASCAR events. When my son and I attended the race this past Sunday the crowd was less than capacity, but estimated a minimum of 80,000. While we were waiting for the beginning of the race we mingled with the mass of others at the trailers where vendors sold their memorabilia. I felt comfortable moving through this and had no urge to run for the hills.

Riding in the afternoon parade at Disney World in 2008.

Riding in the afternoon parade at Disney World in 2008.

I have been to Disney World and to Universal Studios in Florida, which offered large crowds also. While I was aware that there was more to be concerned with, I still felt no unease in either place. Most of the people you encounter are there for fun and just want to go about enjoying their time. In fact you can get to meet some interesting people if you are friendly and ask about their home.

2007 Promise Keepers Stand in the Gap

2007 Promise Keepers Stand in the Gap


Probably the biggest crowd I have been in contact with was in Washington D.C., the United States capitol in 1998. The group known as Promise keepers arranged an event called “Stand in the Gap” where Christian men gathered to show we cared about the direction of the country. The crowd estimates numbered up to one and a quarter million men. I was part of a six or eight man group that tired, unsuccessfully to approach the capitol building, where the stage was erected. There was just so many people it was an impossible task.

My wife and I enjoy entertaining at our home. in fact, we are laying out the plans for a celebration for our first child to graduate from high school in May. We have been on hold as the winter weather during January and February altered the school schedule and expected graduation date. We finally know the day and will make plans for 100 or more family and friends to descend on the farm to share this momentous day with us. I can hardly wait!

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  1. TammyeHoney says:

    Great article. Thank you for the ping back

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      I did not respond to it right away yesterday, but re-read it today and got an idea worth adding. Your welcome for the pingback.

      • TammyeHoney says:

        There are times when I have to wait and really think about it before I respond. I probably should have waited for this on since I still can’t comprehend the INTJ although I do the rest of the prompt … no coffee yet today lol…

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