Daily Prompt – No, Thanks

Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not?

My list of places I would never visit will not be a surprise. These are places where Americans are not welcome due to the politics of the present. Places where just the mention or inclination of being American could mean the jeopardy of my life.

First of all is North Korea. I am confident any American that showed up there might be considered to be a spy. Or at least up to no positive good in their country. Most of my knowledge of the country comes from history classes and the media,which is a lousy source of information in some cases, but I just cannot imagine a good reason to travel there.

Syria is another destination that is not on my list. With the civil war consuming the nation and the political posture toward the united States it seems this is another place best avoided. The people in this country are striving to survive this conflict any way they can. I consider those brave souls reporting to be exceptionally gifted at their jobs, but i must declare I could not.

The country of Iran is another inhospitable place for Americans I think. In 1979 I was 14 years of age and certainly cognizant of the events after the fall of the Shah. Ayatollah Khomeini and the students he empowered were the lead story for well over a year. I can remember then President Jimmy Carter struggling to effect the release of the hostages. Recently the movie Argo, which was set during this period, tried to shed more light on this event. It seems through more news reports there is still a strong hatred for Americans even after thirty plus years.

While I support all the soldiers who answer their country’s call to serve, I cannot imagine traveling to Afghanistan. For sure it is not a tourist destination in the best times. This country has been a part of major wars for about as many years as I have known it existed. So many lives have ended in this mountainous and tribal country.

That is the top four destinations I will not seek to get stamped in my passport. There is so much of the world I would like to see. My dad was in the navy and toured much of the Mediterranean Sea and ports therein. I would like to see Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and parts of South America. I think if I am blessed to see any of this I would be satisfied.

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16 Responses to Daily Prompt – No, Thanks

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  2. jwdwrites says:

    It is a shame that the politics of our nations often gets between us and a wonderful experience. As an Englishman there are many countries where I would probably not be welcome. Thank goodness there are still plenty left to visit.

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  4. I’d love to go to North Korea; there are some really beautiful places there, although I’m pretty sure I won’t go there. There are a lot of places I wouldn’t go, but I still wish I could go there.

  5. morealtitude says:

    I enjoyed reading your list and your reasons- fair and balanced. Although interesting to note that Dennis Rodman has been visiting North Korea in the past week and has been treated like royalty by Kim Jong Un. I think visiting North Korea is questionable as a tourist because the rights violations that that government visits on its own people are horrendous.

    Interestingly, although Afghanistan has been in a state of warfare for a good 30 years now, once upon a time it was quite the popular tourist destination. My parents lived there in the late 70s- the waning of its golden years- and during the 60s and 70s, heaps of tourists traveled through. I wish I could have seen it in those days, before the land mines, before the Russians brought such devastation, and then the Taliban and other groups added to it. It is a stunningly beautiful country, albeit sad and dangerous by parts in various places. I know many, many people who have thoroughly enjoyed their time there, and would go in a heartbeat under the right circumstances.

    Likewise Iran is a beautiful country, and with many beautiful people. I know many folks who have traveled there and loved it- but recognizing that most of them have not been holders of US passports, so did not have to deal with that particular legacy. I do hope that country finds a more balanced way forwards than it currently seems to be walking.

  6. ARK says:

    Hai Joe … Loved your starting lines “Places where just the mention or inclination of being American could mean the jeopardy of my life” LOL. Nice lines on Afghanistan “For sure it is not a tourist destination in the best times. ” LOL. Joe nice post with loads of humor spread across the post. Your writing makes anyones Monday Blues go off and turn it into happy Monday Mornings.

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