Snow Gardening


I love to garden. It is something my wife and I enjoy together. Working the ground, planting seeds or seedlings, working the ground some more to rid of weeds and keep the soil loose so the nutrients and rain can get to the roots, it’s a love affair with nature. That is what we do when the time is right. The time when the birds are chirping, rabbits are roaming our stretch of green and the temperature allows me to escape the house without burdensome coats, scarves, boots and gloves.

Well, in Virginia we are experiencing the opposite of growing season. The only thing growing as of late is the mounds of snow in my yard. For the third weekend in a row we have a winter weather event. Two weeks ago we received about six inches of the white stuff. The first time it was Winter Storm Iago, and it started at 2 pm on Thursday afternoon. Within four to five hours we had a half-foot of snow coating everything.

My son on "Kubo"

My son on “Kubo”


    I was overjoyed. You see about fourteen months ago I bought a compact Kubota tractor to use in my gardening. One of the implements I included in the purchase was a scraper blade for dealing with snow. Up until this year we had not had a significant amount of snow to try out my “toy”. I don’t call it that, but everyone else does.

So after supper on that Thursday night I suited up, fired up “Kubo”, laugh I don’t care, and headed out for my first adventure plowing the snow. Within five minutes I was hooked and declared when I finished it was now my favorite snow activity. I plowed every stretch of road I could find. You see my wife has a hair salon and the main need was to clear the snow for the customers coming the next morning.


So now we fast forward to this weekend, with another five to six-inch snow. You would think I would be out plowing now instead of sitting here writing this post. Well I would be, but a little thing known as a blood clot behind my knee has me sidelined indefinitely. So the snow gardening is up to the second team, my wife and son. I made a bunch of pictures of them to share with this post and my friends in warmer climates.

If you read much of my stuff you know I was in Belize in December on a mission trip. I tend to favor their policy of banning snow. Shorts, t-shirts and crocs all the time sounds just fine to me. This winter of 2013 is already more snow filled than all of 2012. I hope to be up and able by the time the next storm comes, but I suspect the team will handle it if I cannot. I hope where you are the weather is better.

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Can you tell from my writing I love God? I hope so because that is what I want you to know most about me. I am also a writer who loves taking on fiction prompts and crafting a story. One day you will read my work in print. Until then enjoy it here! For free!
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4 Responses to Snow Gardening

  1. Joyce says:

    I can relate to the big snow storms as we live in Loveland, Co. Hope you get a lot of enjoyment and use out of Kubo, the snow plow. We live just 32 miles from Rocky Mountain Nat.’l Park and have a piece of mountain property northwest of Fort Collins, so often deal with big snow falls, but in cases of bad drought we deal with the wildfires like last June, when we almost lost our four acre lot in Glacier View Meadows to the High Park fire. But, with fervent prayer and believing for God’s blessing it was spared. Thank you, Jesus. 🙂 I have read some of your other posts here and am always thankful to find another Christian on the internet and even in Friday Fictioneers. One can never know where the opportunities may come to share one’s faith. I have found many, and am continually amazed what God can do in the process. 🙂

  2. Northern Narratives says:

    I read your post on the Community Pool. I think your blog is great. You have categories and nice organization. I once wondered about having more than one blog. I asked other bloggers for advice and most said that having more than one blog is just too much work. I also think that blogs with variety are much more interesting. Well, that’s just my two cents.

  3. Tad says:

    Gravy, man…where do you live? That looks like major FUN!!! Was this today?

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