Grasping The Blessing and The Presence

bible1Last week I shared a post here about an important question each of us should ask as we inventory our walk with God. It came from a weekly bible study meeting at my church.  The question was very simple: “Do I desire the blessings of God more than the presence of God, himself?” You can follow this link to that original post.

As I thought more about the post about whether we desire the blessing or the presence I got to thinking about how some people might have a question about seeking either. I wrote the first post from the standpoint of one who is a Christian and seeking further growth in their spiritual walk. But I am remiss if I do not approach it from the position of those unfamiliar with Christ and wanting to understand this concept.

Who can enjoy the blessings and presence of God? Anyone, although in the case of the presence of God you must know God in order to be able to sense his presence. When you begin to notice spiritual things as a child one of the first verses you will hear in a bible school or when you attend church on a Sunday morning is John 3:16. This verse says: “For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” Notice the key word whosoever. It does not qualify saying “those good enough”, “nice enough”, or some other demarcation. It simply says “whosoever believeth in Him“.

This is not an insurmountable hurdle considering all that comes with a relationship with Christ. The joy, peace, promise of everlasting life and knowledge God is with you are wonderful blessings to know. This mortal life presents challenges to all of us, Christians and non-believers. The difference is how we approach those challenges. As the previous post on blessings and presence showed in Kerri’s experience, knowing God is present makes the scariest experiences, such as Cancer and job loss, not so overwhelming.

Yes, Kerri still had to deal with the concerns of Cancer invading her body. The disease is gone now and that is one of her many blessings. She is secure in the knowledge that God was with her during this horrible time because she could feel his presence. What a testimony that is and I thank her so much for sharing it with me.

Perhaps the thought of God being present all the time is intimidating to people. We all have moments that we are not at our best, moments of weakness or times we just are not totally keeping our faith front and center. God did not make us perfect. He gave man the opportunity to live in perfection in the Garden of Eden, but we could not handle even that simple responsibility. That is why we are blessed with the promise of John 3:16.

But does this not bring us back to that original question? The one concerning choosing blessings over the presence. Everyone enjoys the good stuff, the blessings of life. Health, happiness, family, a job,  the desires of our heart. But we must not take all these things with no regard for the One who gives then to us.

God is omnipresent. This means he is always around, whether we choose to acknowledge Him or not. There is a difference in that ans what I am talking about. The presence of God I want you to feel is when you allow Him to share your life. You communicate with Him in prayer, in seeking His direction for your life. Feeling the presence of God in what you do is an awesome experience. Think about it, the Creator of the universe cares enough to take time to spend with you.


I hope I have helped to explain the concept as I see it about blessing and presence. Seeking God is a daily task. We can easily allow the challenges we face to take our attention elsewhere. We must learn to know when we are being pulled away from God. I have heard it said many times that when we are unhappy with our relationship with God we need look no further than in the mirror. remember what is said about God being omnipresent. He does not move away from us, he cannot. It is us who choose to be less connected to Him.


About Joe Owens

Can you tell from my writing I love God? I hope so because that is what I want you to know most about me. I am also a writer who loves taking on fiction prompts and crafting a story. One day you will read my work in print. Until then enjoy it here! For free!
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