2012 Belize Mission Trip – Something New

While we were busy preparing for the Night of Encouragement where we took several sets of parents out to a local restaurant for a meal and time of encouraging them in their parenting we had the opportunity to visit the village of Maya Mopan. I saw many interesting things here, as I did much of the time I was in Belize.


On particular set of experiences piqued my interest, to the point I want to share it here. When my children were smaller ( they are 17 and 15 now), we had various ways of transporting them when we were out and about. I can remember going to the aquarium with my daughter in a back pack type of carrier that allowed her to look straight up at the fish. Belize 2012 - December 12th Maya Mopan 044

The lady in the photograph above had her one year old son in this makeshift baby carrier that allowed him to sleep unfettered by an uncomfortable hard seat. The little fellow must have had no complaints because we could hear him snoring like some full size adult might. Tawnya, the full time missionary in Belize I  traveled with this day said it best, “I would sleep like that if I had someone rocking me all the way!”

Belize 2012 - December 12th Maya Mopan 059

We also had a bike carrier to hold the kids so we could all enjoy a day out on the local biking and hiking trails. Obviously, living in the United States these type of amenities are plentiful, so deciding which is best was the biggest concern.swimming overhead.

In Belize there is a different thought process and sometime people make do with what they have. This is where my pictures come in, so let me add them now.


Parents all over the world have the same matters to attend to, namely making sure there children are ferried to and from the places they need to go. These parents in Belize are doing the same thing we do every day, but coming up with alternatives that meet their financial constraints.

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