Daily Prompt – 12/25 – High Noon


The Daily Prompt for Christmas was to take a moment at noon and think about what you felt, then write about it later, when you had some quiet time.

My inspiration for this post came from something I continued to hear repeated as i enjoyed family gatherings and an uncharacteristic day at home for Christmas Day. The continuing theme was for everyone but me to say “This just doesn’t feel like Christmas”. It got me to ruminating on what Christmas should feel like.

It certainly is not running around for the five weeks prior collecting a pile of gifts no one we give to needs. Sure, we all want and like the shiniest, newest of things, but do we really need them. No, we do not in most cases. I realize we outgrow or wear our clothes out, but there is so many more items that are bought in the name of gifting that are so unnecessary.

In my experience Christmas feels more real this year than it has for quite some time. Perhaps it is because I got a good taste of what it meant to truly give from within. I know anyone who reads my writing is probably tired of hearing me go on about the mission trip to Belize, but it really had a significant impact on all that went. We saw people happy with much less than what we take for granted.

I feel like my heart was opened in a differnt way as God showed me such a wonderful place and a people that were praising him amidst a situation we might consider deplorable or untenable. It makes you understand the perception that people living in the most developed country are elitist snobs. It also shows why helping other nations is an imperative duty.

I feel like I haqve been refreshed and refocused in my faith journey and look forward to starting the new year with a stronger focus. I will psot several more thoughts about the trip as well as many faith based writings in the weeks to come. I invite you, gentle reader, back to this space for those insights into my heart.

About Joe Owens

Can you tell from my writing I love God? I hope so because that is what I want you to know most about me. I am also a writer who loves taking on fiction prompts and crafting a story. One day you will read my work in print. Until then enjoy it here! For free!
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3 Responses to Daily Prompt – 12/25 – High Noon

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  3. Although I have never been out of the country on such a life altering trip, we have suffered the loss of 2 homes due to fires. The first was when we had 4 kids, yeah it was hard but we were very greatful that we had each other. The second was after we had our 7th child and just a month after Christmas. Once again we were greatful we had each other and were all safe. This Christmas it did feel every bit the way it was supposed to, to me at least. I was able to look around at my family and think of all we have survived and how far we have come in just the last 3 yrs since our last fire. I have learned over the years, material objects come and go but the smiles, hugs and tiny moments that shimmer with hope are worth far more. Even though life gives you ups and throws downs at you, our family has a firm belief. No matter what you have or how little, if we meet someone that could use help, we try to help as best we can. Sometimes it is being an ear, a shoulder to cry on, or taking in a family in a bad situation, we do it. Most people, in general strive to be immortal in some way. Leaveing a legacy of money, titles, or a male child to carry on the family name. I think immortality is measured by the footprint you leave on other people. Touching someone’s life even for a breath of a moment, can change them forever. That to me means more than a library dedicated to my name, a male child to carry on the name or even what goodies I opened on Christmas. The scattered moments, strung together as if Christmas lights that shine bright over a lifetime. Yeah, it was a good old fashioned Christmas, the real kinda you can feel.

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