Swift Blogging Challenge – Part One – 3,2,1 – Something I am Afraid of

swiftThis is my first of five  responses to Tilda Swift’s blogging challenge. I hope you find these interesting and I encourage you to join in the challenge. If not, at least comment on mine.

Something I am Afraid Of…

Cancer. So far Cancer has taken my brother, mother and father. it is a horrible disease. Every time I feel a twinge I worry. The area I live seems to be plagues with this disease. I wonder if I will hear the words “you have cancer”. My children deserve a father for most of their lives and a grandfather for their kids. My wife’s dad also died from Cancer, so my children are short two grandfathers.

I know there is something that will kill us all, whether disease, accident or just natural death, but this disease is so horrible. I hear about someone new each time we get to church and join for prayer before choir practice. it is incredibly scary and worrying. My faith tells me not to worry, but how can I not. My family history is so scary it is always on my mind.

About Joe Owens

Can you tell from my writing I love God? I hope so because that is what I want you to know most about me. I am also a writer who loves taking on fiction prompts and crafting a story. One day you will read my work in print. Until then enjoy it here! For free!
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3 Responses to Swift Blogging Challenge – Part One – 3,2,1 – Something I am Afraid of

  1. I’m so sorry to read about your lost loved ones. My condolences to you. The only thing you can do, which you already are, is being actively aware of your health. That is all any one of us can do. My fear is losing my fiancee prematurely to cancer. And like you, it seems like cancer is prevalent everywhere in my life. When my fiancee was in active treatment my heart was in pieces because everyday, every week there were dozens of new people coming into the radiation ward for their ” first appointment”. So many people. All ages. All genders. And this is one hospital among many in just this small town(i live in NY state, one of the inner city boroughs but we traveled an hour to an outer borough in Long Island). When the realization hit that there is more people in every town, every borough, every hospital, every cancer center… It’s just earth shattering. I get through it by focusing on the positive…medical advances and a person’s fiery spirit and desire to fight and endure are a powerful combination. I’ll put my faith in them any day.

  2. tfaswift says:

    Hi there Joe, you need to scroll down a little lower to leave your answers on my blog. You’re accidentally leaving them as a reply to someone else’s answer. It’s no biggie, but I would like for your comments to be visible at the top so they are easy for my followers to see them, rather than way down at the bottom. 🙂 So if you could re-submit them way down at the bottom of the page then that would be great!

  3. tfaswift says:

    Hello Joe, and thank you so much for participating in my challenge. 🙂 The only thing you need to do now is copy and paste your answer and leave it as feedback (a comment) on the same post on my blog (3,2,1) so that my followers can read it there, while your followers read it here. Then that’s one question done!

    I’m so sorry about your fear; that is indeed a BIG scary thing. Actually, I was wondering what to write for my own fears when it comes time for me to answer that question myself, and that is indeed one of my biggest fears too.

    I’m so sorry that you have lost some of your most precious and important loved ones to this awful disease, which is just way too prevalent. I’m really sorry, that’s heartbreaking. I will pray for you that God will spare you from the same fate. I will pray for you.

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