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The Power of a New Year

A new year tends to bring a wave of optimism and hope from within me like no other time of the year. Sure, the approach of Spring is a seasonal boost, heralding the time I can spend the majority of … Continue reading

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Boys Night Out – Arby’s Classic Basketball Tourney

What can be better than a boys night out? Boys night out with a slam dunk contest and a very hotly contested, high quality basketball game at the 30th annual Arby’s Classic High School Basketball tournament. This tournament has been … Continue reading

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I try to read a few blogs every morning as it allows me to hear other voices. During my time on WP I have read some wonderful work by other writers. One of these writers is Kim Ling (I think … Continue reading

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2012 Belize Mission Trip – Live Mariachi Band

This band was part of the celebration at the Feeding Center for children to come enjoy a hot lunch during their school day. In the villages we visited the schools do not supply a lunch, but allow one hour for … Continue reading

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Friday Fictioneers – 12/28/12 – Habits, and Hearts, are Made to be Broken

Her name was Daphne. She was a nursing student at the university. We met during my sophomore semester while waiting for coffee at the place all students called “The Hive”. I still feared commitment after the failed engagement, so I … Continue reading

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Belize Mission Trip – Being the “Hands and Feet”

There is a song by Audio Adrenaline called Hands and Feet, I have included the You Tube video of the same title for you here. In this song is many of the emotions I felt and I think others on … Continue reading

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Blogging Challenge – Meet My Spouse (Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Mate)

I like the way others including Tilda Swift come up with imaginative ways to inspire others to add to the conversation on WordPress with creative challenge prompts. It not only broadens the scope of posts, it allows us to get to know … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt – 12/25 – High Noon

  The Daily Prompt for Christmas was to take a moment at noon and think about what you felt, then write about it later, when you had some quiet time. My inspiration for this post came from something I continued … Continue reading

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Belize 2012 Mission Trip – Boy with Slinky from shoe box

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Belize 2012 Mission Trip – Kickball at More Tomorrow Government School

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My Greatest Christmas Gifts

I can remember the feeling of anticipation I had as a child, waiting for Christmas Day to come. I had parents who like many perpetuated the Santa Claus myth, giving me the excitement of believing this magical fellow from the … Continue reading

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2012 Belize Mission Trip – Shoe Box Video

This is a video taken with pre-schoolers at the More Tomorrow pre-school. What fun it is to see it live!

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Wrap It Up

This is my response to the Weekly Writing Challenge, an opportunity to reflect on the year or some part that stood out for me. My first inclination is to talk about the recent mission trip I was blessed to complete. … Continue reading

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Blog Festivus – Sualc’s Revenge – Part Two

The judge sitting under the seal of the great state of Nevada could not shut his mouth. It was still open from where it had fallen when he sat down to signal he was ready to begin the proceedings in … Continue reading

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Chasing the Mayan Calendar Inaccuracy – Conclusion

The volume of the voices of King Juan Carlos and Prince Katurba arguing ranged from a hearty boom to something a king to the roar of a might lion. Following Omar’s lead, Hannah had told Kind Omar a white lie … Continue reading

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