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Preparing To Serve

In the book of Matthew, specifically Chapter 28, verses 18-20, Jesus explained the Great Commission to us, which is an instruction to share the Love of Christ with the world. 18 And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power … Continue reading

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A Chocolate Lab Summer – Part One (Callie and Moe)

I suppose everyone has a list of things they wanted to once in their life. I am not talking about a “bucket list” just some different adventures you find appealing. I cannot say I ever had the experience of breeding … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Coming to a Bookshelf Near You

The Daily Prompt is to present the back cover of a book you would want to write. Here is one that occurred to me on a walk break today. Kelly Graham had a quirky hobby, she would take pictures of … Continue reading

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Daily prompt: No Three Letter Word Accepted

Daily Post prompt – Write without using three letter words! So WordPress wants to know if we will be able to write without using three letter words. Sounds easy enough until trying to make it so. Every time I want … Continue reading

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Snowrolls Made by the Wind

You may find this hard to believe, but thirty five years ago we had a freak snowstorm combined with some wicked wind that was part of the worst winter we had experienced in a long, long time in the mountains … Continue reading

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A Butterfly Against Fading Fall Mum

My kids identified this fellow taking a break from flying on the mature blooms of a fall mum near our house.

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If you have a sister or a brother you should count yourself lucky. That kind of connection is forged through years of shared moments, both good and bad that form an unbreakable bond. The dictionary definition will say it is … Continue reading

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Mom’s Favorite Photo

If you like challenges you should check this one out. The Daily Post has offered us something in the form of putting words to a picture, namely the one that heads my attempt below. If you feel man or woman … Continue reading

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Best Annuals for Hanging Baskets

I love flowers. It is a love taught to me by my mother and other members of my family. The vibrant colors just act as some kind of natural stimulant to my brain. When my corporate job was eliminated in … Continue reading

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Congressional Term Limits – Real Accountability

Congressional Term Limits – Real Accountability.

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The Day Goofy Ate My Son

This is a semi-true tale of my son’s experience when we visited the Disney Parks in the spring of 2007. My son loves Goofy more than any other Disney character. He made the purchase of the hat shown here as … Continue reading

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Is New York Marathon Appropriate in Wake of Superstorm Sandy?

Here is the picture postcard version of the largest city in the United States of America. Up until Monday evening anyone who visited the city could take in many wonderful sights and sounds as they traveled through the five boroughs … Continue reading

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